Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Starting September 1, The TPD Will Be Donating $25 A Week To A Local Rescue!!

This comes as a result of the tremendous Toronto Pet Daily advertisers, who through their advertising costs facilitate great cash prizes for contests and donations. Now it's time to increase donations (so far in three years we're just a little past $3000!).

Here's what you have to do.....absolutely nothing! Each week I'll be scrolling through the TPD Facebook page and taking a look at the profile pics of those who post or comment. Then I'll be picking a photo that shows the uplifting aspects of animal lovers. It could be a cute pic of your pet or a one of your favourite local rescue, or one sharing the need for positive action to help animals.

After that I'll message one of you to find out which rescue group you'd like to see receive the donation. Then you're through with me.....promise! Keep in mind that the rescue group will have to be located in the GTA.

If you are one of our loyal readers from across Canada I'll direct you to the petbusinesses.ca Facebook page (where I publish nationwide news). Each week I'll be donating another $25 to a Canadian rescue in the same manner.

Again, a huge thanks to my advertisers, and to you the readers for your continued support.

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