Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sparkle Is A Two Month Kitten Needing A Home

Hi my name is Mayi. Last week I got this cat for free and for the past few days I've noticed that I am very allergic to cats . I have a friend who also has a cat and I'm allergic to his cat as well. My allergies are very bad, if someone would take her I'd appreciate it very much . Her name is Sparkle , she is going to be 2 months old on September 1st. She's very adorable , I love her but , my allergies are getting worse

**I received this request from a reader. Usually I'm the first one to say, "Hey wait a minute put the cat above your allergies!", but in this case I can say the reader is simply trying to do well by the kitty. She received Sparkle as a birthday present and had no idea about her allergies. She is also reaching out  to no-kill rescues in the city to find Sparkle a good foster or permanent loving home. If you have any interest in Sparkle, please email Mayi at

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