Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Midge Has Entered The "Rescue Me" Photo Contest

The first time I saw Midge, she was jumping out of the garbage dumpster behind my building.  She was covered in dirt and ran away before I could help her.  It turns out that she had been previously owned, but had been abandoned and lived on the streets for several years.  The tips of her ears were worn away from years of frost bite, but somehow that didn't effect her personality.  I took her in as a foster cat, hoping to find her a permanent home.  My cat had died suddenly the previous year from heart failure and I wasn't looking for another pet.  But something about how she greeted me when I came home and wanted nothing more than to lay beside me on the couch won me over.  She may have been homeless for a long time but this gem of a girl has become my treasure.