Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Maverick Has Entered The "Rescue Me" Photo Contest

We rescued our sweet boy Maverick from Kismutt Small Dog rescue in St. Mary’s, Ontario. It sounds so cliché but we truly cannot imagine our lives without Maverick. Not only does he bring a smile to the faces of those around him but he constantly has a smile on his face. His long tongue is always hanging out and his grin is truly infectious.

I grew up with rescued animals and when it came time to adopt my first pet outside of the family home, I could not imagine going to a pet store or breeder. When I came across the Kismutt website and Kim in particular, I was sold. I cannot express the affect she is having on the communities of Perth Country and Waterloo Region. She is literally busting down doors of Amish puppy mills to rescue puppies and most importantly SAVE the mothers. These female dogs are bred back to back and are left in conditions that are almost torturous. Kim along with the volunteers of Kismutt are doing incredible work by bringing these tragic stories to the forefront and more importantly, finding homes for loving, well-deserving animals.