Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just Who Is Dharminder Kumar, Creator Of The "Walk Your Dog In Front Of Mosque" Facebook Event?

Lookin' good, Mr. Kumar
To catch you up to speed first read my take on the event that started all of this and then my article on the planned protest.

For the past week I have been following the posts on the Facebook event page that Mr. Kumar has created. I will warn you however, before you view the page I have found it to be against most everything I stand for as a Canadian and I'm sure you'll feel the same. It is full of hate, threats, religious fervor, and many posts by what I assume to be several twelve year old boys typing curse words on their keyboards for a thrill.

The more I have read the more I began asking myself, "Just who would create such an event?". The answer is Dharminder Kumar, an individual who, through my reading his own personal posts on the event page, appears in my estimation to be one or all of the following :

1. A coward

The creation of this event in the first place is an act of cowardice. I firmly believe in Mr. Kumar's right to express his beliefs, publish them, and organize a protest as he sees fit. Where I draw the line however, is in Mr. Kumar using voiceless, defenseless dogs as nothing more than political tools to hide behind in expressing those beliefs. Let's not forget that earlier this week an individual posted to the event page threatening to shoot all dogs in attendance. Did Mr. Kumar remove such a threat? Nope, that action had to come from Facebook administrators after receiving a barrage of complaints. Why Facebook has not taken this page down is beyond me as it appears to serve little purpose other than to inflame with hate speech, clearly against Facebook rules.

2. A bigot

Let's look at just two of Mr. Kumar's posts shall we (and yes they're screen capped in case anybody wants to remove them) :

"He comes from B'Desh, a filthy Muslim country where everyone starves and they all live in mud huts."

"In civilized nations we treat dogs with respect unlike barbaric Islamic hellholes.. to which these cockroaches can return right away if they dont wanna conform to OUR values. They can kick as many dogs as they want.. in Pakistan. They can also stone women to death.. in Iran. BUT NOT HERE." (I'm glad Mr. Kumar thinks it's ok to kick dogs and stone women in other regions).

Of course I could add more but I don't have as much time as Mr. Kumar seems to, and I don't think you need another five or fifty get the point.

3. An attention seeker

Every day hundreds of people are posting on the event page. Enjoy your attention while you can Mr. Kumar, as it no doubt will end after September 14. You see while you may brag about how much attention you have received you seem to be ignorant to the fact that very few people actually care about your event. Most of your extreme supporters posting on your event page aren't even in Toronto, and are only posting to gain some unfounded sense of "fame". Of course they are also posting as a joke, which is exactly what your hairbrained creation has quickly become.


For those who wish to speak out on behalf of the dogs that Mr. Kumar is attempting to selfishly and inhumanely put in possible harms way, all you have to do is head to this page & "join" or "attend", and invite your animal loving friends. In reality there is nothing to attend as any sane person would realize that taking their dog to this event would be a complete lack of care for their safety. Rather in doing so you are making a statement that while you may agree with one's right to speak for their beliefs, you WILL NOT STAND for dogs being used as pawns in that endeavour.