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Is "Let's Adopt! Global" AKA :Viktor Larhill" A Fraudulent Organization? Take A Look And Make Up Your Own Mind

Last week I posted some serious concerns being directed toward Let's Adopt! Global, and the group allegedly stealing from well intentioned donors. Unfortunately if you live in Canada you have been blocked from accessing the group's Facebook page. So far the group has offered no response, so I decided to do a little more digging on behalf of Canadian readers who want to know the facts. So far I've found one example of a ChipIn page established by Let's Adopt! Global. It was created to solicit donations world-wide for a dog that was in horrible shape at a North Carolina shelter. The following is what was posted on the ChipIn page :
A plea from Let's Adopt! Global soliciting donations
Let's Adopt! Global shares some heartbreaking news
This ChipIn effort raises one significant question : "If Kayla the dog was in the hands of Let's Adopt! Global's veterinarian and being treated, how on earth did she end up back in the hands of the North Carolina shelter?"

Am I missing something here? Was Kayla one of those magical dogs who had the unique ability to be in two places at once? On its own blog, Lets Adopt! Global clearly states the they had possession of Kayla.

Why, when I attempt to ask questions that any person who cares about the welfare of animals would ask, do I get accused of slander? There is nothing slanderous about this post. I am sharing information that Let's Adopt! Global has already offered via its own outlets.

As it stands, while I am terribly concerned about the inconsistencies in the daily operations of Let's Adopt Global, I am now becoming increasingly concerned for those individuals who still see fit to blindly ignore said inconsistencies.

In my previous post I did receive a response from an individual who represented themselves as a Vice President from Let's Adopt! Global. Here is that comment along with my reply.

Comment :

"I would ask you to please check what you think are facts. Everything you have posted here is false. You are writing a Libelous article and basing all this on just what you have read on the interent. I can tell you what you have written here is a Lie. I can tell you because I am an officer of this rescue...yes. that's right. I am a Vice President of Let's Adopt!Global. A world wide rescue organization, registered in MA. USA.  I wonder if you operate in your daily life so blindly. You read Libel on the internet and you see fit to repeat it, without checking your facts. With no regard to the letter of the law regarding Libel, Slander and Defamation. Perhaps the laws are not the same in Canada?...no they are the same."

**The problem is the things I read on the internet are bullying comments by Let's Adopt Global.

My response :

"I'm glad somebody from Lets Adopt! Global has responded, now I can get some more info. First off if you'll read the statement, "Or is the organization facing unfounded charges from a group with a grudge?", I assume that is not one of the lies to which you are referring. I reported on what I had read, clearly stated that it might not be so, stated the issue deserves more attention and, and reported on the FACT that the page is blocked in Canada. People are so gung ho to scream libel nowadays, even when it is clearly not the case. If you have an official response that addresses the above concerns, I welcome such a response and will publish on the blog as well.

Please address the following concerns as put forth by others :

Why are comments deleted? (You'll notice I am not deleting your comment simply because you are questioning me)

Why can Canadians not view the Facebook page? I would hope any large rescue would welcome any readers and potential donors, regardless of country of origin, with open arms.

What actions does Let's Adopt! Global take if a representative is discovered to be pocketing funds from fraudulent ChipIn accounts?"

I look forward to an official response so I can publish a statement on behalf of Let's Adopt! Global."

My second response :

"In further reply to Guest (will ANYONE involved with Let's Adopt! Global provide a real name if there is nothing to hide?), I have just noticed that on the Let's Adopt! Global blog, there is a "blacklist" provided....."We will not enter into public discussions on the reasons why the people in the list are blacklisted. One thing you can be sure of though.. IF YOU SEE SOMEONES NAME YOU SHOULD NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, GIVE THAT PERSON AN ANIMAL, DOG, CAT, PARROT, RAT, FISH…". Then at least 35 names (some with personal emails) are displayed.

I'd like to know if this falls under your definition of slander, be it in Canada or any other country?"


Here's the deal. I have nothing personal against Let's Adopt! Global. I do not know any of its administrators, have never been in contact with them (attempts have proved fruitless), and have no personal grudge against the organization. I have stated that some or all of this could be untrue.

To Let's Adopt! Global supporters, I recommend that instead of spending your time accusing anybody who questions the practices within the organization with slander, instead you may want to consider writing to Let's Adopt Global asking for a reply. Here's hoping you have more luck than me. A word of warning though, if you do so in all likelihood you will be banned from the Facebook page.

I will continue to pose questions. That is my right. I am not posing these questions to hurt what I'm sure is a tremendous number of well intentioned people who support Let's Adopt! Global. I am posing them on behalf of the animals, some of whom may be suffering at the hands of one or a select few within the organization.

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  1. Reasonable questions are deleted. Truths are reported as abuse. And anyone who calmly asks for explanations is seen as trying to destroy the leader and all his hard work.
    If you came to turkey and talked to the vets here you'd find many will not work with this group anymore due to threats and difficult behaviour.

  2. So I'm a female and was married once, but no longer have my married name. Why are you hiding behind this name, Raciel?

  3. Good for you for helping stand up for the truth.

  4. Thank you for telling your story. Praise to you for helping animals. I'm glad you have Listen.

  5. That's true, you don't hide behind fake names Claire Mitchell, ooops, I'm sorry, Claire Talltree.

  6. Judging by the content of this message it sounds like the writer is no other than Sharon Yildiz, the failed trainer exposed by Viktor Larkhill about three years ago.
    Here is a video of the dog that this individual suggested that it should be killed. I invite you to watch this video.


    This blog is discrediting itself running this ridiculous campaign. What a pity.

    1. Doubtful. Quite a few local rescues have been played and defrauded by Viktor, aided by the unblinking fanaticism and drama created by his fans.

      I had no solid opinion about this group one way or the other (although red flags like perfect homes internationally just sitting around waiting for any animal that he picks does sound a bit of a fantasy, but, hey....I figured it *could* be true), but then he started trying to use my local rescue area for his grandstanding. What he left in his wake were cats with no place to go because they were abandoned as soon as the Facebook donations had been collected.

      That's not rescue. That's fraud

  7. Judging by this message, you are nothing other than Raciel. Why aren't you using your real name, and instead hiding behind a pseudonym?

  8. Harry9, you are a real treat.

  9. Harry9, I've clicked on your profile above and have seen your vile posts about African Americans. I'm sorry that people in Baltimore have to deal with your hate speech, and not at all surprised that you support Let's Adopt! Global.

  10. Sounds like a threat. Typical of LAG followers.

  11. one more thing. you can use the same chipins LINK twice LOOK IT IDIOTS

  12. "LOOK IT IDIOTS", so smart! They are two separate chipins made for the same dog. So how much does that dog actually need for treatment if one chipin is for $2,500 and one is for $1,000 USD? Both have donations.

  13. Not as an organization, but as an individual Larkhill has fought his battles in court both as plaintiff against a variety of people and institutions and as a defendant against several slandering accusations. He has never lost a single case.
    I am sure Larkhill's representation is aware that Viktor Larkhill is a pseudonym, much like Tom Cruise is a pseudonym for Thomas Mapother IV.
    I am sure he will know what to wear in his day in court. The question is, will the defendant know what to wear in court herself?

  14. Wow, you must be his press agent! This is a breach of ethics on the paralegal's part, if he is aware. A judge will not be pleased.

  15. Equilibre Eben EmaelAugust 29, 2012 at 8:42 PM

    Hi Claire, Gina here. You were once in my friends list until you made such weird comments on things I preferred to not keep your cyber company. In all this insanity, one needs to uphold a sense of humor, so here we go.

    Interesting for you to mention that you don't hide behind fake names. Yet you accused LAG of fabricating fake websites with your name on it, and info about the farm you once had. Or not. Sometimes internet is like an open book. Or maybe it's the hand of Jehova, bearing Witness to the injustice that is played out here, where LAG's reputation is concerned. So here's the deal. I have written the websites of which you said were fake, with alleged fake info about you, and requested information about who put that info there, or who asked to be listed there, and most importantly, WHEN the info was put there. As far as the empty talltree.net site is concerned, records can easily be traced for that one as they are in the public domain. I didn't know LAG already existed in 2007, nor did I know that they were so clairvoyant (pun intended) to advance on their intent to slander you by fabricating fake sites in 2012. You have made such accusations on the Beware page. All I could think was, wow, is she so in denial about her own existence, Claire Mitchell, Claire Laskey, Claire Talltree? You never had a turkey farm then and that Claire Talltree is another individual who happens to live in the same town as you? I don't care about your past, present or future, and I felt pretty uncomfortable when finding a 2005 post in a yahoo pet group from a Claire Talltree requesting people to take her animals for free, as long as they were provided a good home. Oh and then in the next sentence the other Claire Talltree asked for donations towards her medical bills and recovery costs. What? As you can see, I spent a little time looking into your name, wondering about how puffing search engines can weave stories of people you have never ever met, nor ever will. And here we are, in Canada ;-)

    As soon as those websites have replied to my requests about the information you said was put there by LAG, I will let you know. If your allegations turn out to be false, well then, maybe you can work on a truce with LAG yourself, like some other ladies preferred most recently, despite a twisted account of those facts given by one of the Beware admins. Shame on them, and shame on you too, Claire.

    And shame on the author of this article for the last sentence he wrote: "I am posing them on behalf of the animals, some of whom may be suffering at the hands of one or a select few within the organization." Unless you have factual proof of whom what where, writing such bollocks only raises doubt you're a man of integrity.

  16. Thanks for publishing that link, "Apaulson", if that is your real name. I don't hide behind fake names. The link you published shows the narrow-mindedness and meanness that your group stand for. Wow.

  17. I was reading this then saw 2 problems that you have, that you have been reported for 1) slander 2) you canadian DOMAIN is out of date by one month meaning I CAN BUY IT.. If you don't pay your bill. Went out of date on the 7th 12 2012.

  18. thetorontopetdailyAugust 29, 2012 at 8:42 PM

    Thank you for commenting from the future....

  19. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Let%27s_Adopt

  20. I find it funny how LAG thinks it's ok to slander others but it's not ok when other animal groups stand up for themselves and "fight" back. How ironic.

  21. Why are some people so verbose? Thank God for Twitter.

    Fyi... these are the pictures that were published of Akita, the blind puppy that Incilay lately renamed Listen (she needed to, judging by the verbosity of her writing I can only imagine the pup would try to run away the moment she opened her mouth.


    So that's the dog. A blind pitbull mix whose eyes were lost to herpes virus. What you see is what you get. There were no surprises at the airport, there was no aggressive dog, just a blind dog scared in a strange environment. That's all.

    The dog was saved and entrusted to this verbose lady. There is one reason why Let's Adopt! never allows its adoptants to pay for any costs of transport. What you read up above is the reason. People feel a weird sense of entitlement.

  22. True, but in this case it is supported by evidence, unlike any of the comments I've been reading here.

  23. Where is your evidence sir?

  24. That's an interesting comment. TAG has been around a lot longer than LAG, who only incorporated a year ago. It appears that the filching of the name is the other way around...

  25. Do you have proof of this comment "At some point, and influenced by the likes of Tanya Fusco and individuals of her ilk they must have thought Let's Adopt! was going to try to do something horrible to her and they decided it was better to kill her." That seems like an extremely libelous statement to me. Where is your proof that this is at all true? You've even accused someone by name.

  26. Let's Adopt! was not even a legal entity until last December, therefore it would not have been possible for them, as an organization, to take anyone to court for defamation. There is evidence that they have hired a Toronto paralegal, using the fake name Mr. Larkhill as the client, to threaten litigation. That should be a rather entertaining legal proceeding. Calling Mr. Larkhill to the stand!!! What's he going to do, show up in a Guy Fawkes mask?

  27. They claim on their web site, and in their link in the About section on Facebook that they are NOT Registered. Are they slandering themselves now? lol

  28. Karen, Let's Adopt is incorporated in Boston, Massachussets and in the process of being granted charity status. Takes a while. I would suggest you stick to whatever it is you know FOR SURE and can prove. You know how litigious Let's Adopt! can be. Those guys don't really let go once they start something. They have fought in court against people slandering them several times and they have never lost a case. This is the kind of situation where a newly registered charity such as TAG (funny, you chose such a similar acronym to LAG), would find itself in very shaky waters.

  29. That's the puzzling part Gord... that's the puzzling part and the reason why Let's Adopt Global raised hell on this issue. Kayla was not transferred to the shelter. She had been pulled by Julie, from the SPCA Alliance of North Carolina on behalf of Let's Adopt!. At some point, and influenced by the likes of Tanya Fusco and individuals of her ilk they must have thought Let's Adopt! was going to try to do something horrible to her and they decided it was better to kill her. Read that post again, everything is there, in the words, Facebook postings and SMS of the people that killed her.
    Unfortunately, right now LAG is not visible in Canada, but that doesn't mean they are trying to hide. You could call it, strategic reasons. The site will be visible in your country in no time, and then you will be able to fully understand what the group does. Sadly at the moment you are being fed information from people like Tanya Fusco: http://blog.myletsadopt.com/2012/07/16/tanya-fusco-social-media-at-its-worst/ and believe me, this is going to end up discrediting this great site you have worked so hard to build. The moment Canada opens up again you are going to wonder how on earth did you fall for those lies.
    Anyway, time will tell.
    Kind regards

  30. thetorontopetdailyAugust 29, 2012 at 8:42 PM

    Thank you Apualson for more info....perhaps I misread the article. I'm not too worried about my credibility, as I've got a good following and more import if I've ever "put my foot in my mouth" or been corrected on something, I'll be the first to offer up a correction and apology (in fact I did so two weeks ago). I am glad that you are posting on LAG's behalf. Every story has two sides and deserves to be heard. I will post my opinions on what I see & then leave it up to readers to debate & share their respective sides. Again, what has really disturbed me is the fact that the global Facebook page has been down & I haven't been able to even report on LAG's side of the story. I know I'm not the only one who is concerned. I have been a supporter of the LA Canada page, even promoting it on this blog. There are some great articles about animal welfare on the Canadian site. I'm wary to continue to do so however, as not being able to view the global page has raised questions. It's good to hear that it will be up again soon, and do not be concerned with myself posting negatively to the page. That is LAG's outlet. If I have concerns, I'll continue to post on my own outlet. Cheers & thanks for responding to myself & others in this thread in such a polite manner. Some others have not been so polite!

  31. Just because someone can read an article does not make that article true.

  32. I witnessed the personnel attacks and threats against you that went on for weeks. All of this was because you gave your assessment of this dogs behavior. An assessment that could possibly keep a small child from being injured by going near this dogs' food, touching him, etc. Basically, you were crucified for stating an opinion! Had you taken the dog and had it euthanized, I could see reason for anger. However, you returned the dog to the group with your opinion after working with him for 5 weeks. I hear he has been adopted and doing well so I can't understand what harm you did..

  33. Gord, I left a reply here, was it erased? Please let me know...
    Here is the story of the dangerous dog that "trainer" mentioned... read for yourself, it's quite an amazing story. Sadly at the moment you cannot watch the video of Georgie the moment he was rescued, but in this blog you'll get quite a good idea of what went on.


    I see the "trainer" returned home. Not surprised.

  34. thetorontopetdailyAugust 29, 2012 at 8:42 PM

    Thanks Apaulson I've had a read....the one thing I still do not understand is why Kayla was transferred back to the shelter after being in the hands of LAG?

  35. Lets Adopt are NOT a registered charity anywhere in the world..

    Incilay's daughter adopted a dog from us and we were more than happy to send Sandi to germany to live with them.
    Sandi has a wonderful home with the Golden family!

    How you can put a person on a black list file with a personal email and claim to be a registered charity is against the rules firstly of being a charity as it is slanderous!

    Thank you - Turkish Animal Group T.A.G - Registered charity Number - 1148352.

  36. Let's Adopt! Global actually are registered, as a not for profit corporation. It does not mean they are a "registered charity", though they had claimed this designation in a post on their page. That's fraud. Basicly, all they have done is filed a document forming a corporation. Here it is, for those who have been targeted by them in posts or even "blacklisted", now you know who to sue if you wish to: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B1CxkfA5CniYeHpfMERQYk1wS2s

  37. Thanks for the interesting article Gord Macy. Readers here may also be interested in finding more information about Lets Adopt Global and sharing stories with the Facebook group Let's Adopt Global Beware:

  38. Thanks for the interesting article Gord Macy. Readers here may also be interested in finding more information about Lets Adopt Global and sharing stories with the Facebook group Let's Adopt Global Beware:

  39. Thank you for a factual, well-written article. I too asked questions of that group, when I noticed that they were collecting donations for a dog that not only was not in their possession but was in fact dead. I also asked why they were making outrageous statements about one of their prior rescuers, and advised restraint. Their response: The president of the group unfriended me, the group blocked me, and then they started posting my wedding photos on the internet, as well as a photo of a donkey and allegations that I slaughter and eat donkey meat. They also made a fake internet page to link this to. I ask you, is this a sign of a legitimate rescue? What are they hiding?

    I encourage, as you do, to have everyone look at this organization and see it for themselves. Ask yourselves: What are the "consulting fees" for each rescue? Where are you donations really going? Is this rescue giving legitimate feedback on the status of the animal you just donated to? Is this rescue spending more time rescuing, or saying bad things about others that ask questions?

    Please, keep looking into this, and make up your own minds.

  40. I wondered why they were all of a sudden posting about donkey meat. LOL, now it makes sense. What a load of hooey

  41. I believe someone of your intellect will not have a problem understanding this article: http://blog.myletsadopt.com/2012/07/30/kayla-a-requiem/

  42. Hi there, you are right to suspect them. I lived in Istanbul for 5 years (recently returned to the USA) and had several run-ins with them. I have met the leader personally on two occasions. He claims to be a self-employed Spaniard named Ivan Jimenez (aka Viktor Larkhill, aka Matt Murdock). In fact, his only income is what he gets in chip-ins for this group.

    When I looked him up at one point under the name Ivan Jimenez, he was an active member of the terrorist organization the Animal Liberation Front. At one point, he had over 20 cats in his apartment, then abandoned the apt. and just went there to feed them... like a common hoarder. He is currently living with his girlfriend in another apartment. She also appears to have no income other than Let's Adopt. They publish no financial statements and provide no records showing intake and adoption statistics. They are definitely NOT a registered charity in Turkey, which is their main base of operations.

    My main run-in with them was when Ivan phoned out of the blue and asked if I could foster a dog for the group. Up to that point, I was just a "fan" lurking on their FB page, but I was known in Turkey for having some dogs that performed on TV. The dog he foisted off on me with no warnings turned out to be SEVERELY aggressive with men, women, kids, cats and other dogs. Food bowl aggressive, touch-aggressive, etc. He had attacked everyone in the first foster family. I had to keep the dog on a long line and confined with me in my office with a baby-gate to protect my own two dogs and cat. Five weeks went by with no news from Ivan. (I had been told I'd foster for less than a week).

    Finally, I wrote an e-mail to him saying that I thought the dog should be euthanized, or at least only put in a single-person household with no other pets and full disclosure of the temperament problems. In reply, Ivan posted tons of out-of-context quotes from my e-mail to his group of 30,000 members. He insinuated that I had demanded they let me foster the dog... then murdered it. He described me as a "failed professional trainer" who duped people into sending me poor little sweet dogs, then murdering them for the sheer sport of it.

    (In reality, I'm a graduate-degreed biotech writer who trains my own dogs as a hobby and has competed successfully at the national level in both the USA and UK).

    After his attacks (which are still the most viewed pages about me on the Internet), I got hundreds of hate e-mails from total cuckoos. They said I had tortured the poor dog, and that's why he was biting me. They threatened me with death, poisoning, shooting, dismemberment, etc. They published my home address, and people would claim that they would shoot me if I left the apartment. Some of the e-mails were just hysterically funny at how over the top they were... and riddled with spelling errors and ALL CAPS, to boot.

    For some reason, I never made the black list, but Ivan enjoyed using me as a scapegoat for a week or two. That's how he makes his money. He keeps his followers--virtually all single women--riled up and angry at all times. Then they're always ready to "right an injustice" by sending Ivan money through his Chip-Ins.

    Try asking Ivan why he is spending money to rescue dogs at U.S. shelters.... when Istanbul (his city) has 58,000 homeless street dogs and 500,000 street cats that could use his help. Instead, he ships animals from America to Europe... from Europe to Canada... from India to Turkey... etc. Anything to keep the interest of his followers and keep those donations coming in...

  43. Anyone else notice that "Raciel" is an anagram of "Claire"? Just saying.

  44. Hi everyone, I'm the latest target of Let's Adopt Global. Why? because I will not shut up and be silent. Back in 2010/2011 I followed them on facebook. I thought these guys were amazing. I donated. Then I saw little things here and there that made me question what they were doing. I don't know if anyone can remember the Labrador with the rope bedded in it's neck? They cut it out on a table covered with newspaper. Many of us commented on how unhygienic that was and dangerous for the dog. I think the nail in the coffin of my faith in LAG was when they kept a cat around with it's brain exposed. Of course Phoenix was going to die, his brain had no protection. What were they thinking?? So I started asking for proof of expenditure, because by law, as a 'registered charity' they were obligated to provide one upon request. Banned and deleted. I emailed a few animal welfare organisations stating my concern and was met with silence. I thought, 'why is no-one investigating this organisation?'. I gave up and got on with my life. What could one person really do if no-one listened? So recently I saw that other's were grouping together and I was so relieved, I jumped right in there and got involved. Maybe that might not have been welcomed lol. All I ever wanted was for LAG to be investigated. Who in their right mind accepts the word of someone with what 4? aliases? From a group who 'aggressively defend' their actions by 'attacking' anyone who voices their concern or suspicions. Who am I? I am no-one of any importance. A face in the street who loves animals and hates cruelty, abuse and injustice of any kind. I have my questions, I would like to see them answered. But rather than answering the questions, LAG have made me their #1 target. I should be flattered that they consider me so much of a threat to them. My message to them...I will not shut up until the complete truth is exposed and everyone knows it. If I get something wrong, I'll admit it and apologise. My regret is that I gave up 2 years ago and that many pets have suffered as a result, and many people have given them money. If I'm wrong about LAG I will publicly apologise and withdraw from all animal welfare in shame. If I am right, pets are saved and peoples money can go to a cause which is legit and would use it honourably. Not such a bad deal is it?

  45. I'm sorry to read this....nowadays in Spain a good woman has problems with Let's adopt too...:(

  46. Desde España nos sentimos también engañados por esta persona,  ha recaudado muchísimo dinero con bianka pero el dinero gastado en ella no es mucho, no enseña facturas ni informes veterinarios ni quiere decirnos el total recaudado.. sabemos que hay fraude detrás de todo esto..nos sentímos estafados, no comprendemos como puede conseguir tanto dinero a nivel mundial...cómo no está aún en la cárcel? 

  47. Elenagarcia Garcia932February 25, 2013 at 9:14 AM

    Translation of  Leire's comment:
    From Spain we also feel duped by this person. He has collect a lot of money with Bianka but the money spent in her is not much. He doesn't show any bill neither veterinary reports nor they want to say us the total collected. We know that is fraud behind all this. We feel scammed, we don't understand how can get a lot of money at the global level. How he is not at jail yet?

  48. More people trying to scam money and many people don't realize the lies they are telling. Its a shame when people use pets and children to scam others.  

  49.  Incilay Golden, I am so sorry that animals have come to harm in the first place, but to then have the pictures taken and reused just to receive money in a distrustful way is disgusting, he should be in jail, rottening away instead of being allowed to take money unlawfully.  I will never donate to this person, I am always careful not to fall into email "Phish" traps but this man is a Shark in the grand scheme of things.  Take care and keep doing the good work

  50. Gord they have blocked Canada's access because their past head of Let's Adopt Canada is a part of the group to expose them. I know this because I AM the past head of Let's Adopt Canad. I resigned in August of 2011 because of differences in belief as to what constitutes proper rescue protecol.

  51. Vicktor has crawled back from under his rock and is now doing the same thing: asking for donations for dogs that are not in his custody! I have contacted rescue groups in order to stop this madness. He is lining his pockets with money that could have gone to another animal in need.

  52. WOW WOW WOW!!! I knew this creep was shady, but this takes the cake! I'm so sorry that happened to you. You are obviously well spoken, writing eloquently as I've ever seen anyone write...so that tell me you are educated. (It just establishes what you say you do for a living. It gives you credibility as far as I am concerned:) I believe every word that you wrote.

    I guess knowing that he will be an old decrepit man one day and will no longer have the ability to bring harm to another animal, or scam another person, brings me a LITTLE bit of peace. That and the fact that he wil have a "special" place in the darkest corner of hell! But still- what about all the animals from here to then?

    Stop this rat bastard & stop him like YESTERDAY!!!

    Have you ever talked to Michelle Shaw or anyone who runs GBU? Aka: The Good, The Bad and The Unforgivable of Rescue on Facebook is hot on his ass. You may want to contact them!

  53. http://www.katu.com/news/local/A-Hillsboro-man-has-a-new-dog---from-Spain-232657191.html

  54. I did not pay LAG a thing - My dog is wonderful


  55. That's awesome Johnny, yes I saw this report a while back. It amazes me this is the same organization that has proven it CAN do good work yet at the same time publish the despicable things they do. By the way for the record I do not run an animal sex ring operation in Toronto.

    The comments on your linked article are very interesting. There are many continuously and desperately posting all the names of us who have been named in this "precedent setting" lawsuit. We are referred to as defendants. Last I checked THIRTY of over 38 of these individuals have not been served. The course of this case is being watched very closely by the animal welfare community and the outcome is highly anticipated. As usual the ones posting about the case are doing so anonymously using names such as, "truth seeker". They can post our names all they want. It changes nothing, and only perpetuates the feeling held by many that the case, initiated by LAG by the way, is being used to attempt to silence any detractors.

    I appreciate you posting as your real self and not cowardly hiding behind a fake profile, and in all sincerity wish you a very long & happy relationship with your pooch!

  56. Damn! I sent this con artist over $100. Let the buyer beware. Thanks for enlightening me.

  57. what the hell-they should be shut down-the murderers!!!!!I hope they burn in hell

  58. They collect money for animals that clearly have no chance. They posted a photo of a cat that looked as if it was in it's last moments, if it wasn't already dead, with it's face eaten away by maggots..