Friday, August 3, 2012

How About A Rescue That Holds Cash From Needy Dogs, Only To Brag About It? Scum Of The Earth

Go to this article from yesterday & you'll see my concerns about rescues scamming people out of their hard earned money. I've taken some of these bigger "rescues" to task before, including Pet Pardons. I've yet to hear from any representative of Pet Pardons (shocking isn't it?), but I did find two verified communications from Jeromie Williams, director of Pet Pardons Canada, in which he responded to those who accused him of pocketing funds meant for the rescue of a group of Huskies. How were these donations obtained? You guessed it.......ChipIn!! What do you think of the following?



I'm sick and tired of beating around this bush. WHO THE FUCK DOES THIS? What rescue in their right mind authorizes a director to put a picture of money on the internet for all to see, and then publish a list of demands that must be met? You know what the problem is Pet Pardons and Jeromie Williams? Dogs who are close to death's door can't understand your demands, & I'm sure if they could they couldn't give a shit. Why? BECAUSE THEY WANT TO LIVE. Yup, that simple.....while you as a rescue devote your time to accusing others of slander & posting threats on Facebook, the very dogs you purport to help ARE DYING!

Keep at it money grubbers.