Thursday, August 2, 2012

DO NOT Donate To ChipIn's....Yet Another Rescue Organization..."Let's Adopt Global" Facing Scrutiny

If you see this logo,
Question : What do you call an individual who sets up a fraudulent ChipIn page with the intention of pocketing the funds rather than assisting an animal in need?


Unfortunately that's not a riddle. It's a fact. You see, anyone who does so is stealing funds that well-intentioned people are shelling out of their hard earned money to save animals' lives. Whether or not the respective animal featured on a ChipIn page actually exists is irrelevant.

What I find even more disgusting (if it's even possible) is the managers of ChipIn pages who seem to think it's ok to claim a percentage of said donations as some form of "consulting fee". They will receive thousands in donations & keep a percentage, all for the excruciating work of posting a picture and a descriptive paragraph of a needy animal on a website designed for charity.

There really is hardly anything lower on the scale of humanity than stealing funds meant for the less fortunate.

This week I came across yet another organization under the microscope (when will it ever end!) with regard to its raising funds through ChipIn pages. According to several individuals "Let's Adopt Global" and in particular one individual, Viktor Larkhill of Hungary ("Viktor is not his real name, rather he has adopted it from a character from the movie "V For Vendetta"....why someone in animal rescue would be afraid to publish their real name is beyond me), have been cheating people out of well intentioned donations for some time. According to these individuals the amount is staggering. For further discussion on this topic I'll direct you to this Facebook page. 

I will tell you right now I know only what I have read on this page and others, and do not want to jump to any conclusions. One thing that disturbs me however is that when individuals began publicly questioning the organization about stealing donations, all comments were deleted and the fans of the "Let's Adopt Global" page were banned. Even more telling, the individuals with the questions are Canadian, and what was action taken by "Let's Adopt Global"? Administrators took it upon themselves to change the Facebook settings of their page so it would no longer be accessed by anyone in Canada.

"Let's Adopt Global" is a huge presence on Facebook, with chapters (each with their own Facebook page) across the globe. The question is how will the actions taken by the global page and the lack of response from its administrators affect the local chapters? Are we dealing with a vast contingent of thieves worldwide preying on the heart strings of charitable people, or a small group or individual living the big life all the while covered in the blood of animals they never had any intention of helping in the first place? Or is the organization facing unfounded charges from a group with a grudge? Only time will tell.

In the meantime I'll keep trying to access the "Let's Adopt Global" page, though I might have to move out of the country before I can be granted access.

To those who defend rescue organizations that clearly have a spotty at best track record I'll say this :

It's wonderful that you have a happy adoption story to share and that through the organization you were able to give a needy animal a loving home. Now say you adopted a child from an agency that had 10 available children and you are blessed. Meanwhile the same organization puts its number of available children at 15 and illegally raises funds by stating it is caring for children that don't even exist. Not to mention the fact that one child has an ear infection and requires medicine costing $150, yet the organization fund raises and tells donors that the same child has cancer of the ear and requires medical assistance to the tune of $4000. Are you seriously so blind and/or selfish as to not question the validity of that organization? I guess it's fine seeing as everything worked out on your end. Me? I'll take my pocketbook over to an organization that has no history of impropriety.

Sorry to put it in such simple terms, but WHEN WILL PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THIS?

Update with regard to comments :

Whenever I ask pertinent questions with regard to a rescue, I always get deflecting answers from those who comment on behalf of said rescue. To save you some time I'll make it easy.

Do not say......

"You don't know the facts and this is slander!" - Ummmmm. no, it is not. I regularly state that the information is what I have come across, and then credit the original source. If you want to get your point across, feel free to debate like a normal person & use facts to back up your points. This should have been learned in secondary education.

"All you do is sit there behind a computer anonymously" - Again, not so. In fact if you took the time to read the entire page on this blog devoted to introducing myself to you, you'd see I offer my name (which several shady rescue representatives refuse to do), and even a few hobbies.....who knows, we might have a lot in common!

"Why don't you offer the rescue the chance to offer their side?" - It's been offered.....again......and again. Yet still representatives from these rescues refuse to offer any concrete statements. I even offer to publish their statements on the blog, to no avail.

"You are an idiot" - Most of my loved ones would agree with you.

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