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DO NOT Donate To ChipIn's....Yet Another Rescue Organization..."Let's Adopt Global" Facing Scrutiny

If you see this logo,
Question : What do you call an individual who sets up a fraudulent ChipIn page with the intention of pocketing the funds rather than assisting an animal in need?


Unfortunately that's not a riddle. It's a fact. You see, anyone who does so is stealing funds that well-intentioned people are shelling out of their hard earned money to save animals' lives. Whether or not the respective animal featured on a ChipIn page actually exists is irrelevant.

What I find even more disgusting (if it's even possible) is the managers of ChipIn pages who seem to think it's ok to claim a percentage of said donations as some form of "consulting fee". They will receive thousands in donations & keep a percentage, all for the excruciating work of posting a picture and a descriptive paragraph of a needy animal on a website designed for charity.

There really is hardly anything lower on the scale of humanity than stealing funds meant for the less fortunate.

This week I came across yet another organization under the microscope (when will it ever end!) with regard to its raising funds through ChipIn pages. According to several individuals "Let's Adopt Global" and in particular one individual, Viktor Larkhill of Hungary ("Viktor is not his real name, rather he has adopted it from a character from the movie "V For Vendetta"....why someone in animal rescue would be afraid to publish their real name is beyond me), have been cheating people out of well intentioned donations for some time. According to these individuals the amount is staggering. For further discussion on this topic I'll direct you to this Facebook page. 

I will tell you right now I know only what I have read on this page and others, and do not want to jump to any conclusions. One thing that disturbs me however is that when individuals began publicly questioning the organization about stealing donations, all comments were deleted and the fans of the "Let's Adopt Global" page were banned. Even more telling, the individuals with the questions are Canadian, and what was action taken by "Let's Adopt Global"? Administrators took it upon themselves to change the Facebook settings of their page so it would no longer be accessed by anyone in Canada.

"Let's Adopt Global" is a huge presence on Facebook, with chapters (each with their own Facebook page) across the globe. The question is how will the actions taken by the global page and the lack of response from its administrators affect the local chapters? Are we dealing with a vast contingent of thieves worldwide preying on the heart strings of charitable people, or a small group or individual living the big life all the while covered in the blood of animals they never had any intention of helping in the first place? Or is the organization facing unfounded charges from a group with a grudge? Only time will tell.

In the meantime I'll keep trying to access the "Let's Adopt Global" page, though I might have to move out of the country before I can be granted access.

To those who defend rescue organizations that clearly have a spotty at best track record I'll say this :

It's wonderful that you have a happy adoption story to share and that through the organization you were able to give a needy animal a loving home. Now say you adopted a child from an agency that had 10 available children and you are blessed. Meanwhile the same organization puts its number of available children at 15 and illegally raises funds by stating it is caring for children that don't even exist. Not to mention the fact that one child has an ear infection and requires medicine costing $150, yet the organization fund raises and tells donors that the same child has cancer of the ear and requires medical assistance to the tune of $4000. Are you seriously so blind and/or selfish as to not question the validity of that organization? I guess it's fine seeing as everything worked out on your end. Me? I'll take my pocketbook over to an organization that has no history of impropriety.

Sorry to put it in such simple terms, but WHEN WILL PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THIS?

Update with regard to comments :

Whenever I ask pertinent questions with regard to a rescue, I always get deflecting answers from those who comment on behalf of said rescue. To save you some time I'll make it easy.

Do not say......

"You don't know the facts and this is slander!" - Ummmmm. no, it is not. I regularly state that the information is what I have come across, and then credit the original source. If you want to get your point across, feel free to debate like a normal person & use facts to back up your points. This should have been learned in secondary education.

"All you do is sit there behind a computer anonymously" - Again, not so. In fact if you took the time to read the entire page on this blog devoted to introducing myself to you, you'd see I offer my name (which several shady rescue representatives refuse to do), and even a few hobbies.....who knows, we might have a lot in common!

"Why don't you offer the rescue the chance to offer their side?" - It's been offered.....again......and again. Yet still representatives from these rescues refuse to offer any concrete statements. I even offer to publish their statements on the blog, to no avail.

"You are an idiot" - Most of my loved ones would agree with you.

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  1. It is a shame when things like this happen....we recently had a person abscound with $1,800 from a fundrazer under the claim that he had been putting in his own monies so people would continue to donate. When it all came down to the finally tallies, myself, the other lawyer in the case and our expert, lost a total of $2,800...that $1,800 sure would have come in handy for the purposes it was supposed to be used for!!!! But, on a happier note, the dog is alive and doing well!

  2. Hi TheTorontopetdaily ( sorry, don't know your name ), I got a little confused with all these posts, yes I found the post again, I did not get your email for some reason, I really would like to have a chat with you, so would you please send me another email, thanks :) Stefanie

  3. A lie. Why do people have to lie so blatantly?
    Not only LAG offered full financial assistance from moment one, you accepted it!
    Below, in your own words. Liars.

    > From: Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue
    > Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2012 14:32:23 -0600
    > To:
    > Cc: Raciel Fernandez

    > Subject: Re: Introduction to the team
    > hello nancy and raciel. nancy i hope u don't mind i cc'd raciel here.
    > thankyou both.
    > raciel, r-mar would be very proud to accept a partial payment of heidi's bail, or whatever you feel comfortable with.
    > i will know tomorrow what it is, but i'm pretty sure it is 325.

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Raciel Fernandez
    Date: Sunday, July 8, 2012
    Subject: Introduction to the team
    To: ""
    Cc: Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue

    Thank you, Nancy. Likewise. We would be happy to pay the full amount. Just provide the paypal address. This is insane how Michelle is reaking havoc wherever she goes.

    On Sunday, July 8, 2012, wrote:
    > Of course I don't mind, I have the highest respect for Raciel as both a professional and a friend! :)
    > Does this email address go to your paypal account Rory?
    > My cell phone number is 416xxxxxxx. Please call, text, or email me with the developments of tomorrows meeting. Hoping Heidi will be brought to safety with Jodi's assistance.

    > Nancy
    > Sent wirelessly from my BlackBerry device on the Bell network.
    > Envoyé sans fil par mon terminal mobile BlackBerry sur le réseau de Bell.
    > ________________________________

  4. thetorontopetdailyAugust 29, 2012 at 8:41 PM


  5. thetorontopetdailyAugust 29, 2012 at 8:41 PM

    Looking forward to your reply as well.....

  6. thetorontopetdailyAugust 29, 2012 at 8:41 PM

    Looking forward to your reply....

  7. thetorontopetdailyAugust 29, 2012 at 8:42 PM

    Albert for some reason I can not reply to your last statement. This morning Viktor contacted me and I responded. I am hoping to hear back from him later today. I expressed my concerns and offered him the opportunity to respond on the blog (an offer I had made a week ago on the blog, but as you said, not to him personally). As you said, he may or may not choose to do so, as is his right. I wouldn't see it as an "endorsement" of this page.....if anything I'm sure he would express many of your opinions. I just want to afford him the opportunity to do so as a post, so his side can be viewable to more people. Should I have done so earlier? Perhaps as you say yes, but certainly better late than never. I've been here for a while and will continue to be long after this issue is said and will LAG (my point is I am not concerned with receiving a huge amount of "exposure" should he choose to respond....I'm already onto writing about other topics).

    Thank you for all of your respectful replies to me.

  8. Please don't delete this. It's a perfect example of the type of behavior many people experience after questioning LAG. Does anyone else see the irony in this? Telling someone, '(If you had some form of education your (news crap daily) would be better written and not sounding like a street conversation.' and then make countless spelling and grammatical errors themselves. Then the unleashing of the wrath with all CAPS LOCK at the end... I think Youra--- would be wise to follow their own advise in the last sentence of their own comment.

    Yes, I am curious too. Is this a GOOGLE BLOOGER? Is it OFFICAL?

  9. Yes, you are right, we did ask for help via our facebook page to our fans in order to find a foster for one of our dogs. We are a non-profit animal rescue, so yes, we are always looking for volunteers and fosters.
    We did not ask for money from LAG, or anyone else. LAG never paid money to get a dog out of a shelter, nor did they offer to do so directly to our rescue. They may have posted on their own facebook page that they did, but that is simply not true.
    We were completely honest from the beginning, but were targeted by LAG and their fans who posted horrible things on our facebook page that were untrue, such as our dog being at a kill shelter (so, yes as the admin on our facebook page, we have every right to delete and block users who use inappropriate language on our page).
    LAG has done the same thing by blocking all of Canada from accessing their content.
    We have been completely honest and transparent about the dog in question from the beginning. Unfortunately, we are unable to control what other facebook groups post or copy from our facebook page to use against us (and they made sure of that by blocking Canada from accessing their page), but we are able to control our own facebook page and will continue to do so for the integrity of our fans, and our rescue.
    Please contact us via our facebook page (since you already mentioned you monitored our page during our whole ordeal) should you have any additional questions/comments.

  10. You are misinformed. The dog was never at risk of being euthanized. We had stated this numerous times, despite what people decided to post on our walls (which yes, we subsequently deleted). We worked on an hourly basis with the Mississauga Animal Control Centre to make sure that we were all on the same page and following procedure. It was our rescue alone that worked with Animal Control, not LAG, or any other group and we did not receive any form of support from LAG. Again, Heidi was NEVER at risk of being euthanized, you may contact the MAC yourself. Please consider the source before you make assumptions. If you ever have any questions, please contact us directly. We have been more than upfront with the situation, and Heidi is now at our rescue sanctuary.

  11. Again Sir, where is your proof of this? Do you have numbers from Missisauga Animal Services? You don't, do you, because Mississauga Humane Society takes homeless animals if they have been at MAS too long. They are no kill, a real registered Canadian Charity, and run by voluteers who don't take "consulting" fees. In fact, they are going through a financial crisis at the moment. So many people now give online to chipins such that that some of our local rescue organizations are suffering. They have had to stop intake. You might want to check facts before you post such nonsense.

  12. I've been following this group since they made the following claim about some people in Toronto: "ABUSIVE HUSBAND FORCES HIS PREGNANT WIFE TO ABANDON HER DOGS IN TORONTO". Evidence of how far these posts spread is here: . There were phone numbers, addresses and employers posted, and by all accounts these people were harassed and threatened by this group. I immediately started questioning these claims, and asked why their followers would be attacking this couple if there was really a pregnant woman being abused. I was attacked myself for even speaking out. I pressed on, asking why they didn't give information to police to follow up on. Again, I was attacked andn finally banned from their page. I then found the Let's Adopt! Canada page, and I asked if they were a registered not for profit in Canada, as their page was categorized as such and there was mention of fundraising. I received a reply that they were not, but that they didn't accept donations directly. Shortly after, my message was deleted and I was banned from that page as well. I was able to connect with the family of the couple from Toronto who was targeted, and I assisted them as much as I could, even though it meant coming under attack myself, yet again. They even went as far as harassing me in my workplace, and police have evidence of that! Given my experience, I would tell everyone to stay far away from this organization and give their donations to organizations that welcome questions and have audited financial records available to the public.

  13. thetorontopetdailyAugust 29, 2012 at 8:42 PM

    You are right......apples and oranges. Let's stick to apples and apples. Please tell me you have posted the same complaints to the Let's Adopt! Global blog where Viktor has written about one person being a drug addict and another being a gang member. Oh....there's another accusing one woman of being a stalker (I would say that exhibits a fair amount of recklessness). If you have not taken the time I really recommend it. You'll find, on the LAG blog, statements that far surpass anything I have said when it comes to being libelous. You'll have trouble finding them all, as for some reason a few posts have either been removed or set to private (if you would like screen shots of the posts I could provide them for you, as seeing as they were published on LAG's own site there is no copyright or libel issues). Here, I prefer to hide behind nothing. I really encourage you to visit that site, as I'm sure you'll find, by your standards, several libelous statements.

  14. There is plenty of evidence listed in personal stories on this and other articles, as well as on the "Let's Adopt! Global - Beware" page on facebook, here:

    Or, you can simply look at the Let's Adopt Global page itself, to see the inconsistencies of chipins for multiple dogs, chipins for dogs that are dead, chipins for dogs that are not in their possession. As well as the nastiness, hate, and vitriol that is being spewed there against anyone who asks reasonable questions. I ask you: Does this look like what a legitimate rescue would do?

  15. thetorontopetdailyAugust 29, 2012 at 8:42 PM

    Bloodworks with respect, what would you do? You hear one side of a story (involving either animal abuse or about funds being stolen that would otherwise be used to save an animal), and continue to attempt to contact the other side for their take on the situation (which by all accounts they should be able to easily provide in the interest of THE ANIMALS). The response you get after multiple attempt? Nothing. Should I have written nothing while so many individuals have concerns about said rescue? Here's the deal......had LAG responded from the beginning (before I published anything) I would have been able to produce a fairly unbiased article. Alas they refuse to do so. Am I missing something? Is anything being hidden? I wish I could answer that for you but I can not. Should LAG respond, of course I'll publish it. It's hard to not be impartial when you only get one side.....

  16. thetorontopetdailyAugust 29, 2012 at 8:42 PM

    No I have not contacted him directly, and I'll tell you why. From what I have seen and heard (again this comes from ONE side), people who question Viktor often seem to be on the receiving end of threats and intimidation. I'm a big boy and I can handle it, but to tell you the truth I didn't want to put myself in the position of having to get into a he said/he said debate with Viktor to be inundated with derogatory messages from his supporters (I think if you go through the comments on my two posts you'll find that those who support Viktor do so BEYOND passionately....yourself excluded as you have disagreed with me on pretty much everything yet voiced your opinions respectfully).

    You are right however, in that doing so through the blog does not constitute "reaching out" personally. I'll concede that you have a point there. On the flip side, am I to assume that Viktor has personally reached out to each and every person whose actions he has questioned on his own blog? Was he willing to let them speak their mind publicly before being "blacklisted"? I would think some would beg to differ, but if that is indeed the case I stand corrected.

    I will not accuse him of slander, as he has the right to write about whatever he wants to on his site, and legal authorities are the ones who determine such issues.....I actually tire quite quickly of the word "slander" as it gets tossed around far too much (not to say there aren't many true cases).

    Of course if Viktor would care to respond I have no problem posting any such response on this blog. I don't know if he affords the same opportunity to those individuals he writes about, but I have no problem publishing his thoughts.

    If you feel that the best way to solicit such a response is to message Viktor directly I have no problem doing so. I also don't have a problem explaining to him the reasons I was wary to do so in the first place, and can understand why he might feel disrespected.

    That still doesn't change the fact I stand by my assumptions until proven otherwise. Like I said earlier, if Viktor can honestly say that he has never published an opinion piece on his blog without first personally consulting with the individual he is "trashing", then again I stand corrected.

  17. Gord, you asked a few times why you are not getting a reply from Let's Adopt! Global.
    I have the impression that maybe you have not contacted Viktor directly. Doing it through this blog hardly counts as reaching out to someone to enquire before proceeding to trash him does it?
    But also it is possible that if you write to him directly with those accusations he won't reply to you. Why? I think you will find the answer in this great speech by Jeff Bridges in the movie, The Contender:

    I suggest you watch that movie when you get the chance. I'm pretty sure you will find in there all the answers you are seeking.

    All the best

  18. Are you talking about LAG? Raciel Fernandez is not associated with our particular rescue (we are not LAG for the record)

  19. We appreciate your support, but this is not entirely true either. Heidi was never bleeding, in fact it was her that had bit another dog due to the circumstances she was placed in by the foster. She was also not in quarantine for 10 days. While we appreciate the support, please ensure you have all the facts.

  20. Hello Toronto Pet Daily... thank you for highlighting why people should be sure to check out an organization or cause before they support it. Based upon the vile comments you have received from those supporting Let's Adopt Global, I would say this group definitely should be looked into further.

  21. thetorontopetdailyAugust 29, 2012 at 8:42 PM

    In further reply to Guest (will ANYONE involved with Let's Adopt! Global provide a real name if there is nothing to hide?), I have just noticed that on the Let's Adopt! Global blog, there is a "blacklist" provided....."We will not enter into public discussions on the reasons why the people in the list are blacklisted. One thing you can be sure of though.. IF YOU SEE SOMEONES NAME YOU SHOULD NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, GIVE THAT PERSON AN ANIMAL, DOG, CAT, PARROT, RAT, FISH…". Then at least 35 names (some including personal emails) are displayed.

    I'd like to know if this falls under your definition of slander, be it in Canada or any other country?

  22. I believe this is a blog. Have you actually read Let's Adopt! Global's blog, that a guy using a comic book name uses to trash people? Read through some of his posts:

  23. thetorontopetdailyAugust 29, 2012 at 8:42 PM

    I will be deleting this comment.....not because of any arguments that have been put forth, rather I don't like derogatory comments on this blog. I'll give you a chance to rewrite any accusations you have.....but please ARGUE your point and avoid using insults (yes in many of my articles I use STRONG language, but I try to avoid a username such as yours). Of course feel free to be as impassioned as you like, just "tone it down" a bit. Thanks.

    Actually I think I'll leave it up, so people can see how eloquent some who purport to care about animals really can be.

  24. I am wondering were my post went, I adopted 2 dogs from LAG, never paid a cent and had a few fosterdogs, if you would like to speak with me please feel free to drop me a note

  25. thetorontopetdailyAugust 29, 2012 at 8:42 PM

    Hi Stephanie from what I can see your original post is still there. I'll email you later today or tm. Thanks again :)

  26. On whose wall?? Nowhere except LAG's blog did it ever say that dog went to a high kill shelter or that it was taken there by the foster. Heidi was taken by AC when they showed up and the foster was quarantine for 10 days...STOP LYING!

  27. The dog was taken to Mississauga Animal Control.
    That's a Hi-Kill shelter.
    Hadn't the rescue managed to organize an emergency rescue Heidi would have been killed.

  28. notnorthoftheborderAugust 29, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    Do you have a personal grudge against Let's Adopt Global? This is reckless journalism.

  29. thetorontopetdailyAugust 29, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    Nope no personal grudge whatsoever, just reporting on facts as they have been presented to me (by one side, because as noted several times LAG refuses to offer any explanation). The silence from LAG does FAR MORE to hurt it's own reputation than any one article on a local Canadian blog can do.

    I have taken on the OSPCA (Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) several times based on my feelings of the organization's poor handling of animal welfare. Guess what the OSPCA didn't do? It DIDN'T ban me or any other detractors from the social media pages. It DIDN'T block AN ENTIRE COUNTRY from being able to view it's Facebook page. It DOESN'T accuse thousands of detractors of libel. What does it do? When really under the proverbial gun it issues press releases sharing it's side of the story (which in my estimation are complete "media spin", but hey, at least it responds at least SOME of the time).

    If you are more worried about one person's opinion versus the silence of an entire global network that purports to rescue animals, than you and I will have to agree to disagree on who is really being reckless. Again as stated I'm 100% positive LAG has rescued many many animals, but it shocks me that it would not want to at least investigate some of the accusations because after all, wouldn't weeding out any wrong-doers really be in the interest of the animals?

  30. I run the fb admin page for a cdn rescue, and they caught wind of us rescuing a dog from Iraq, and accused us of horrible things in an attempt to raise money to help us (which of course, they never did). I spent hours banning all his "fans" who joined our facebook page and were making inappropriate posts. He also contacted the director of the rescue with some pretty horrible emails.
    Just awful!!!!!

  31. First of all, stop believeing every word Viktor posts..thats dog was never in a high kill shelter..the dog was under quarantine for 10 days because she bit...period. The dog was NEVER at risk of being PTS...Just more BS from your cult leader whose only interest in this dog..really..was to attack the foster

  32. Ah, you are mixing apples and oranges. Rwanda had video footage evidence.
    I suppose I should admire your recklesness, but you might have to pay for it with a libel suit.

  33. I would have done what any ethical journalist would have done; either not print anything until you have an unbiased story or keep the topic general in terms. As per, talk about frauds in this industry, offer guidelines but not about a specific organization. It is libel you know... Even if you are right in your assumptions. Because so far, it's all you got. Assumptions based on circumstantial facts.

  34. You are missing something here; integrity, impartiality.
    Get that Kool Aid, you'll need it.
    I'm all for exposing frauds. But you certainly are not doing that with this yellow piece.

  35. thetorontopetdailyAugust 29, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    Bloodworks, as you said yes I did write based on what others have said.....& yup...I'd consider it journalism.....reaching out to both sides of a story & reporting on the findings.....oh side apparently refuses to offer any statement at all. Oh, and I also wrote on the FACT that the Let's Adopt! Global page has settings that allow no one from Canada to view it. Am i missing something here? Hang on, I'm heading to my fridge to get some more Kool Aid.....

  36. Gees, is that what is called journalism now a days? An entire article based on hearsay?
    Wow. I think you need to go back to school and learn about information ethics.
    I might be willing to believe you but what you offer here is worthy of a tabloid.

  37. LAG is trying to hunt me down for speaking about my concerns with regards to their organisation. I'm not frightened or intimidated in the least because if this Turkish animal abuser finds a way to 'actually' have me hurt for my opinion, then I'll send the UK government after him. I really don't think he wants that kind of response. I think it's ridiculous that they use violence and threats to intimidate people to being quiet. Not only is it childish, it's not professional in the lease and they should be able to prove without a doubt that theirs is a credible organisation. These people not only hurt animals, they also keep fatally injured or diseased animals alive to bleed more money from people. I pray they are stopped soon.

  38. The rescue I used to work with had direct experience with this fraudulent group. Viktor made a HUGE show about "saving" this one cat from a NYC kill list. He was raising donations and announcing his intentions to get this cat on a plane and into a new home somewhere in europe (that he already had lined up, of course). He got a temporary foster offer to pretend she was a genuine foster applying to a local rescue (fraud) in order to get a local rescue to pull this ca from the list.

    Once the money was collected and the cat was out of the shelter, Viktor disappeared. The "foster" was furious that she was apparently ACTUALLY going to have to foster this cat (rather than just lie about it and hold the cat for a few days until she could help sneak the cat out of the country to Viktor), so she dumped this poor cat at a pet shop, where the original, and very responsible, rescue had to re-rescue this cat from and find an emergency placement for since they had been fooled into thinking that they could trust this foster to fulfill what she agreed to and provide a space for this cat to recover.

  39. Is the guy really a Hungarian and lives in Hungary? Then he should be reported to the Hungarian police!!! But that is the question where he is...

    If he practices international fraud then he should be caught, charged and go to prison for this as it is usually the case in Hungary when substantial evidence is given or at least fraud is reported.

    The question is if the Hungarian authorities have ever heard about the famous Viktor Larkhill? I am not so sure! The family name does not sound exactly Hungarian, but of course if it is not his real name then it means nothing at all...

    I am also pretty sure that the Hungarian animal rescue community has never heard this name... I monitor there a little bit and I have never come across Mr. Larkhill's name in any of the Hungarian blogs. I googled him with this name and "allat" which means "animal" but no Hungarian hits were shown.

    However I found this:

    If his real name is Jimenez that is again no Hungarian name... he is on Google plus and claims to be a Spanish subject. (Google search gave this address as a hit with some citated text however I could not enter the profile and the site itself).