Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Local Rescuer Writes Of Her Grief Over Losing Her Best Friend....RIP Jatoba

I am writing this as Jatoba’s legacy, not her story as stories are only about the past. Jatoba’s death was not in vain - although she is gone she still has much work to do. When I rescued her back on March 1st 2010 my life changed. It was at that moment that I realized what my calling was - to help all the other Jatoba’s out there. I then opened my company ‘Mighty Mutts’ and together we helped hundreds of other dogs that came from similar situations as her and who were facing the same fate. It didn’t matter the day, how she was feeling, if it was too cold - Jatoba was ready to work with no complaints. She was my other half, my shadow and my best friend. It kills me that the one person I trusted Jatoba with didn’t even go looking for her the night she was missing and even went to bed assuming Jatoba was turn up in the morning. When she didn’t, I was called…12 hours later, 10 hours too late. I had even seen video surveillance of Jatoba at the time she went missing wandering around the corner gas station for 11 whole minutes waiting at the door of the store to be let in but nobody came to get her. This is something I will deal with and I ask that you all focus on helping other dogs in need to carry on her memory. Thank you to all who have contacted me wanting to send in donations to help with the costs incurred but I will not be accepting a penny for myself - instead PLEASE donate to ‘The Dog Rescuer’s Inc.’ who have helped me through this by guiding me in the right direction and offering me the resources to help with organizing and taking care of my baby’s ashes. They are an amazing rescue and always low on funds and even though they are busy holding full time jobs and saving hundreds of animals a year - they were always a phone call away when I needed them. To donate please click on the link:
If you would like to become a volunteer, foster parent or looking to adopt in Jatoba’s memory than please contact me directly or like my page:!/MightyMuttsDogTraining
Jatoba has made me who I am today and with her watching over me I know I can continue to spread the word to help save more dogs than ever. During these past intense days I have come to know many very amazing people. I can’t even tell you how much love I have for you all. To all the hundreds of volunteers who canvassed, drove around searching all day and night, put up and printed the 3000+ fliers, shared on the internet, called/emailed in missing reports, and were there on a dime when a sighting was reported - thank you. You are all amazing and I hope you all keep in touch. To all the humane societies, vet clinics, SPCA’s and animal controls in Ontario - thank you for helping to spread the word and check in with any sightings. To the people of King City - thank you for spreading the word and keeping an eye out for my girl. To my clients - thank you for understanding and volunteering, I am lucky to have you. To my family and friends - thank you for your help and for being a part of Jatoba’s life.
And last but more importantly - To Jatoba, my princess. I love you more than words can say. You were my everything and I am sorry I wasn’t there with you. Thank you for everything you have taught me and helped me through. I will miss seeing random objects floating in your water bowl, opening my car window and trying not to get your flying fur up my nose, going for long walks at night and all the road trips, going through the timmies drive through and asking for a plain timbit while you drooled all over me and trying to snuggle as much as I can with you before you would get too hot and jump off onto the floor panting so loud that I couldn’t even sleep. Rest easy my sweet girl.
Thank you.

Dahlia Ayoub                   


  1. I am so, so very deeply sorry for your loss. That is one of the most stunning pictures of a dog I have ever seen.

    May you somehow find comfort in your memories of your girl. When I lost my beloved Riley last year, a dear friend of mine handwrote a note that I found to be so comforting. I share it with you below:. I substitute Riley's name with Toba's:

    "Toba is still with you, only your relationship has changed. Now she is watching over you, guiding you, taking care of you. I know you would give it all up to be with her again, and Toba knows this too. But she needs you to be strong and continue saving more animals like her who need your help desperately...Toba will wait for you..."

    I love you and miss you Riley. Rest in peace Toba girl. My deepest, deepest sympathies Dhalia. Have you seen this site "Letters to Pushkin". It may bring pet mourners some comfort.

  2. So Sorry for your loss

  3. thetorontopetdailyAugust 29, 2012 at 8:41 PM

    Kahlia thank you very much for allowing me to share this. :)