Monday, July 23, 2012

Update On My Previous Post....And Of Course One Big Apology

I really got myself into some hot water with my last post, in which I wrote about my dislike of service dogs (in particular dirty ones) in restaurants. I knew many would not agree with me, but I often write what's going on in my mind at any given time. I clearly have offended many with the language I used in the post, and for that of course I apologize.

To clear a couple things up :

Many of you are taking me to task for using the term "mangy mutt". I should have stated why I used the term. In a recent case in Vancouver an individual was asked to leave a restaurant on account of his service dog being utterly filthy. He had reportedly been informed on a prior occasion that diners were uncomfortable with the extremely dirty dog. When I used the term, I was referring to dogs such as this, who I really don't believe should be allowed to enter a restaurant, regardless if the owners are handicapped or not. In no way did I mean to portray service dogs as mangy, nor is it something I believe. Service dogs provide incredible assistance, and I have the utmost respect for them and their proud companions.

Where I really messed up however was by not making clear that I wrote the article based on what I had read with regard to that one filthy dog. I was attempting to vent my feelings against this one individual (and others who take dirty dogs inside eating establishments), but unfortunately came across as nothing more than a bigot. I am not making excuses, as what I wrote lacked compassion.

While yes I was both exaggerating and being sarcastic to make my point, I completely understand why so many of you are offended. As I write this I can tell you I am sad and embarrassed for ever having posted the article in the first place as it is not a true reflection of my nature, but more so because it upset so many readers. I started this blog to inform readers, share uplifting stories, and do opinion pieces. I know not all will agree with me when I share my opinions on issues, but when the feedback is overwhelmingly negative toward me on such a piece, I think it's fair to say I am the one in the wrong. Many of the comments have come from regular readers and even friends in the animal industry, people I respect, and you were right to share your dissappointment in me.

I have removed the post not due to the fact that so many negative comments have been directed at me (you'll find that there are still many posts where that's the case), but because I have taken what you have said to heart and do not want the blog to be a forum to spread what was clearly insensitive and discriminatory on my part. On this ill conceived article I went too far in expressing my opinion, I didn't express it properly, and I directed it at the wrong people.

In three years I have rarely seen such a response and readership level on the site as today, but if that comes from controversy over me not properly expressing myself and the result being a post that offends so many, it is not worth it.

Thank you for pointing out my mistake, and thank you in the hope that you are able to accept my apology. With that said, I'm off to post a cute pic & get back on track using the blog to continue to entertain & inform.