Monday, July 9, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr.....Quebec, Our Animals' Shame

Way to go Quebec, for the second year in a row you've managed to top this list to become the worst province when it comes to protecting our animals.....if only those same animals could hold a referendum! Lax laws, puppy mill central, and seemingly not a care in the country. When it comes to animal welfare every region is going to have differing statistics from year to year. Intakes rise and fall as do euthanizations, but when statistics continue to portray you as well, a province of animal's time to change your ways.

The good news is that Quebec seems to be changing its ways....longer punishments, stricter enforcements, blah blah blah. You know what? It means nothing when these changes move at a snail's pace.....snails that I'm sure are better protected than domesticated and non domesticated animals in the province.

Remember Quebec, as I've said time and time again you can hide behind "tougher" animal cruelty laws all you want. Simply putting something on paper to appease those who see through the political motives may detract from the bigger issues temporarily, but if you continue to sit on your ass and do anything but ENFORCE these laws, you are improving nothing.

So while we keep fighting for animal welfare, Quebec can keep up the animal fighting. Why not? It's legal there.