Sunday, July 29, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr.....Martine Painchaud Speaking Without Any Apparent Brain Function, On Behalf Of Montreal's Mayor

RIP Wicca
"If a dog harms, bites or attacks a person, there should only be one sentence and that's euthanasia."

- Martine Painchaud, spokesperson for Montreal Mayor Gerald Trembley

Has a less eloquent and insightful statement been offered by a political aide in recent memory? I'm sure it has, but with regard to animal welfare the above statement made by Ms. Painchaud easily takes the cake. Congratulations Ms. Painchaud for not only coming across as one heartless individual who clearly has no education when it comes to animal welfare but for also managing to further obliterate Montreal's already tarnished reputation on issues of animal welfare. What's more? You were able to do so with just one sentence. Ms. Painchaud made the statement in the aftermath of the controversy over Wicca, a dog murdered by Montreal officials last Thursday.

I guess it's time for us to round up all dogs no matter the breed or size, and place them in the queue for destruction. I've been bit four times in my life, the first being when I was roughly four years old when I ran at a senior dog and shoved my face in his. He was mostly blind, I surprised the heck out of him, and he bit through my upper lip. I've still got the scar from the stitches to prove it. There was no call to any authority and from what I remember, the pooch died shortly thereafter from old age.

Dogs bite. Shocking isn't it? Many do so because their OWNERS either train them to, or because their OWNERS lack the training to prevent them from doing so. I'm hedging bets however that the majority of dogs who do bite are acting defensively or out of fear. Think of how scared many dogs are when they go into a vet's office. My vet has been "attacked" more times than he'd like to remember. Thank goodness he and all other vets have the sensibility to not call animal control every time such an incident occurs. Yet Ms. Painchaud has used her extensive breadth of knowledge on the subject of dog bites to simplify the whole issue for us into one simple equation :

Biting dog = Dead dog

Thank you Ms. Painchaud for removing all sensibility, not to mention scientific research, from random dog bites. Thank you for speaking on behalf of all, myself included who have unintentionally provoked dogs into biting. May we seek comfort in the fact that in all situations, it is clearly the dog's fault. Come to think of it the scar on my upper lip is a good reminder of what happens when people resist the urge to always place blame on anyone but themselves. I'm certainly glad it's not a reminder of a dog being murdered because of a mistake I made. That would be difficult to live with, and I imagine your statement will be as well.

I can only hope Martine Painchaud resists the urge to go on a crusade against cats who scratch.