Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nutrience Launches "Stop Bad Things Happening To Good Pets" Across Canada

The ‘Stop bad things happening to good pets’ campaign is taking place across Canada, from now until September 15th and seeks to bring awareness about animal neglect and abuse while also providing consumers the opportunity to win free food for their pet and, at the same time, win a $1000 food donation for the rescue of their choice. You can get an overview of the entire campaign if you visit

We’re looking to invite people to take the no bad anything pledge to help raise awareness surrounding neglected and abused animals. They don’t have to be a Nutrience consumer to this. Once we reach 5000 names (pledges) we will donate $500 worth of food to each of 10 rescues across Canada (you can find the list of rescues here: (  Right now we are only at 634 names, so I’m reaching out hoping you’ll help us by encouraging your network to sign up and make these donations a reality.

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