Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr.....Blaming Innocent Parties For A Dog's Death

In the aftermath of the death of Tucker, a one year old Lab mix who on Sunday was left in a car in Toronto for two hours, the past two days have seen a growing number of allegations directed toward both Woofstock and Pet Valu. People seem outraged that the dog's owners were on their way home to Sudbury after attending Woofstock, and that one of the two individuals charged was previously employed by Pet Valu.

Are you serious? I know everyone likes to play the blame game when such horrific events occur, but get real people. There are only two individuals who should face the wrath that has come their way. Perhaps people should demand that the charged suspects issue a statement, rather than demanding one come from Woofstock and Pet Valu.

I headed over to Woofstock's Facebook page to see some response, and came across this critique :

"I love WOOFSTOCK, but think there needs to be a few more rules about the care of pets while in the WOOFSTOCK gates. I saw dogs in leather coats and dressed in full clothing on a 30+ degree day, that should not be tolerated by organizers."

Interesting...I think the organizers should spend their time insuring that there's plenty of water and medics on hand in case any poor doggies get overheated. Wait a minute....they already do that! It is not the responsibility of Woofstock organizers to approach every owner of a dog who has been dressed in such a fashion and remind then how ignorant they are. Have we really come to a stage where we look to blame anybody and everybody connected to one particular instance? 

In the meantime people have taken to Pet Valu's Facebook page and stated that they will no longer support the company, and that employees should be better trained. So if I understand correctly one of the questions on an application for Pet Valu employment should read, "Did you know that a dog can die if left in a car on a sweltering summer day?" Absurdity at its finest.

If these idiots still feel the need to place blame and boycott, they might want to begin firing off angry letters to the following institutions as well :

1. The sun (not the paper, that big fiery ball in the sky)
2. All car manufacturers that refuse to offer a convertible option for each of their models
3. Their place of employment. Odds are there's somebody working there who has committed a crime in the past. Forget the fact that the individual's action in no way reflects the company's track record, mandate, or actions of any other exemplary present employees, now seems like the perfect time to tender your resignation.

While the crazies take the time to get off their high horses I'm heading over to my nearest Pet Valu to get my two boys some treats, and I'm leaving them in the comfort of our home.