Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr.....A Facebook Timeline Filled With Pictures Of Tortured And Abused Pets

I get it. Society is filled with sick, deranged individuals who commit horrific acts toward defenseless animals. I think we all get it. Why then, must we be reminded of these atrocities by others who seem to feel that we are only likely to jump to a cause if they share an image of a dog who has had his skull split open with a machete, or a cat who has had her fur and skin singed off.

For all those who would like animals to no longer be considered "property" under the law, should we not afford these animals the same dignity that we would an injured war veteran, or an abused child? I wonder how quickly Facebook management would be to act if one were to upload an image of a barely breathing car accident victim whose arm was hanging on by a thread. Ever wonder why the media rarely publishes such photos? The answer is obvious : NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THEM!

Every day I see these images in my timeline, and every day I unsubscribe from the individuals who post them. In no way do the images make me any more aware that animal abuse exists, nor do they entice me to read any further about the plight of a particular animal.

Yes animals are horribly abused every day, and many do what they can to help put a stop to it. You are sadly mistaken however, if you feel the only way to raise more awareness to this fact is by plastering your Facebook wall, and ours', with such grotesque images.