Thursday, June 21, 2012

One Reader Doesn't Like MY Vendetta Against The OSPCA

Somebody commented anonymously on yesterday's post, in which I wrote about the OSPCA targeting another victim, but for some reason it didn't show up in the comment is the comment :

"Let me ask you a question. Where you there in that house on those 3 occasions? Did you see the dogs and the condition of the house? Did you examine these dogs? I highly doubt it. How can you know what the conditions were like if you were not there??????

Sounds to me like you have a vendetta with the OSPCA without knowing the facts.


Thanks for the comment, and my reply :

I would not say I have a vendetta against the OSPCA, though you might think so based on over 100 blog posts negatively directed at the organization! I definitely have a big gripe with the OSPCA, and in particular the current board and management.

Remember, this is the same board and management that by many accounts planned to kill all animals in its headquarters to make way for renovations, until MPP Frank Klees and volunteers went to the government and media to stop them. Some OSPCA supporters will say, "Get over it, that was two years ago", but so many Ontarians wish they could get over it and give the OSPCA the benefit of the doubt. Why can we not? Because NOTHING HAS CHANGED at the OSPCA. The same management sits with large salaries and continues to refuse to be transparent to its donors. Have they adopted the recommended measures from the external report issued to them two years ago? A devastating report they hid from the public until again the media and MPP Klees pressured them to release it? Who knows, the OSPCA refuses to be transparent.

Investigation findings :

I certainly hope the OSPCA presently employs a veterinarian to perform euthanizations, as this was clearly not the case at the time of the report. The facts are astounding, and I have little sympathy for either the OSPCA or its supporters, who turn a blind eye to them.

To your main concern : No I was not there on these occasions. Guess who was also not there?  A VETERINARIAN who would have had expertise on the condition of the dogs. As usual the orders were written by an OSPCA inspector, most likely one with three whole days of training! Yup that is how much inspectors were required to have at the time of the report. Has that since changed? Don't ask me, and definitely don't attempt to ask the OSPCA, they simply won't tell you. I'll ask you a question anonymous.  Are you of the opinion that the OSPCA investigators, with next to no training, are better equipped to deal with situations such as this than ACTUAL MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS?

As an animal lover (I am sure you are one as you took the time to write), do you not think the public and government should hold the OSPCA to the highest standards? Remember, these are the people financed through YOUR donations and government funds. They are the ones who should be speaking for the animals who can not speak for themselves. THIS IS THEIR JOB. I'll say it again for those who still don't get it :

"The OSPCA should be held to the highest standards possible."

Anonymous, I'm far past giving the OSPCA the benefit of the doubt in cases such as this. Judging by the steep decline in donations the organization has received over the past two years, the majority of Ontarians are as well. You know the expression , "Fool me once....."? Well the OSPCA has fooled Ontarians an immeasurable number of times.  Anonymous I may not know all the facts of this particular case. I DO however know countless FACTS when it comes to the OSPCA lying to the public time and time again, and that is why I simply can not give the organization any benefit of doubt.

Believe me, more than any of you, I would love the OSPCA to prove me wrong, as it would show it is FINALLY getting back on the proper path of improving the welfare of animals across the province.

***One side note to those who have commented that you do not have any sympathy for Ms. Johnson because of her breeding. WE ARE ON THE SAME PAGE!! As I said in my previous post I wish it were illegal, but I still do hold sympathy for her due to her health situation, and her constant harassment at the hands of the OSPCA. Did she bring on the attention due to her breeding? I think so. What she did not bring on however, was OSPCA agents breaking into her house through a window, storming through the front door nearly knocking her over, and writing orders that even the most caring of pet owners would have a hard time adhering to.

UPDATE : Ms. Johnson's lawyer is taking the OSPCA to court for breaching his client's Charter Of Rights. The OSPCA has previously been found guilty of doing so in several other cases.

Watch, the OSPCA will now contend that they had to break into the house because the dogs were in immediate distress. If that was the case, why did they leave without removing the animals? I can't wait for the OSPCA spin on this one.