Monday, June 25, 2012

Buster Brown Is An Older Boston Needing A Loving Home

Hi, my name is Buster Brown. Makes me blush a bit, but everyone who meets me describes me as very smart, physically fit and really cute! I do like to take good care of myself, so I stick to my dietwith occasional dog treats and I   beg for table scraps. Bathing me is no problem, and I don’t mind having my teeth and nails done. A fellow’s got  to keep looking his best, right? I am obedient, I love to please, and I am very good with my commands: sit, stay, down, come, etc. I’m improving daily with my recall commands and now I can do a sit/stay/come/sit in a field with many other dogs about (which can be very distracting, let me tell you!). I will walk beside you on leash , though I still need some guidance from you when meeting other dogs on our walks. I am a fully house trained gentleman and can be counted on to be left alone, at home, without any concern. I live part-time with three other dogs and we get along well. Most of the time, I live alone with Sherry my fantastic foster mom who has taken good care of me and taught me lots. We’re a good team, me and Sherry, so truth be told my preference is to live with a mature adult (male or female) or a couple as an only dog. I need someone who understands that a dog like me needs a loving, but firm leader in my human. If you think Buster Brown would be a good match for your family, the first step is the adoption application, available for download from

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