Saturday, April 21, 2012

OSPCA Does It Again - Organization Kills Three Kittens Even Though They Had An Offer To Be Cared For

A north-end resident says the local humane society killed three kittens she took to its shelter -despite her insisting she would foster them before it ever got to that point.

Shirlee Michael said she had found the three kittens Sunday night and tried to care for them herself.
She took the animals from their mother because, she says, the animals would have grown into wild cats that would have been unadoptable and likely put down.

However, caring for the kittens proved too difficult, said Michael, who ended up taking them, as a last resort, to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals shelter on Centennial Road in Brockville.

Michael said she specifically told the staff member on duty that, if the shelter was unable to find adoptive families for the kittens, she would take them back, despite the difficulties.

The Dana Street resident said she was shocked to learn, when she called back Wednesday, that the animals had been euthanized.

"They were beautiful kittens," she said.

"The point is I was willing to help save them."

Officials at the local shelter referred questions to the provincial office.

OSPCA spokesman Brad Dewar said staff at the Brockville shelter euthanized the animals because their poor health gave them no chance of survival.

"It's always a very difficult decision, when an animal needs to be euthanized, but it's done out of concern for their welfare," said Dewar, adding not to euthanize the kittens would have needlessly prolonged their suffering.

Dewar stressed that, when handing over an animal to the shelter, people sign a "surrender form" that precludes any verbal agreement to give that person the animals back.

"Ultimately, you've handed over that animal and you're leaving it in their hands," he said.

That includes the possibility the animal will be euthanized should the OSCPA deem it necessary, added Dewar.

Michael insisted there was no mention, when she handed the kittens in or signed the form, of the possibility of euthanasia.

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