Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Downtown Toronto Cat Clinic To Host Open House, And Now Offers House Calls For Cats

Downtown Toronto Cat Clinic Open House Saturday May 5th for Cat Owners

The Downtown Toronto Cat Clinic, the only cat veterinary hospital in Downtown Toronto, will host its first official Open House Saturday, May 5th between 11am - 4pm at 739 Bloor St West. Toronto cat owners are invited to enjoy the festivities, tour the cat hospital and learn more about the basics of cat health.

The Downtown Toronto Cat Clinic is a full service veterinary clinic designed for and dedicated to cats. We offer Toronto cat owners an alternative choice for veterinary care in a unique, cats-only environment. We understand very well how distressing a visit to the vet can be for a cat. At the clinic, we strive to provide a stress free environment for your cat.

Exclusively for cats is not just about a dog-free environment. With no other species to worry about, we have time to focus on feline health care in all its aspects, staying up to date on all of the latest medical advancements in feline internal medicine. Our focus is on your cat.

Come adopt a new kitten or cat from the Toronto Cat Rescue who will be at our Open House with several
cats that need a good home.

The Open House will offer fun for the whole family, and includes raffle prizes, refreshments and face painting for the kids. The Open House will offer a unique opportunity for Toronto cat owners to get a behind-the-scenes look at how a vet clinic operates. Pet owners will be able to get a first-hand glimpse at the equipment used for cat surgery, dentistry and x-rays.

Downtown Toronto Cat Clinic offers routine vet care services exclusively for cats, including spay and neuter, vaccinations and annual check-ups. The veterinary clinic also provides emergency care, behavioral consultations, surgery, medical care , dental care, house calls , boarding and grooming services.

Pet owners will receive tips on basic cat care. These tips include easy wellness steps owners can take at home -- such as pet dental care, nutrition and grooming -- that will keep their pets healthy and active.

Come ask the cat veterinarian Dr. Melanie Bonder any questions you may have about cats.

Downtown Toronto cat Clinic 739 Bloor St West, Toronto 416-479-0142
Our website: email :

Toronto Veterinarian Offers New Service... House Calls For Cats Only!

Downtown Toronto Cat Clinic offers Cat Only Veterinary House Call Services: Healthy Living for Your Pet

Downtown Toronto Cat Clinic Veterinary House Call Service understands the unique relationship between you and your cat.

A recent survey of over 2,000 cat owners showed that 58 percent of cats hate going to the vet. Many of these cat lovers decide not to make regular visits to their veterinarian for wellness exams and preventive care. The cats may suffer the consequences of not getting adequate health care and only see their vet when they have been sick.

Downtown Toronto Cat Clinic House Call Services brings feline exclusive veterinary care to your home to
alleviate the stress of traveling for you and your cat. In addition, there's no barking dogs, and there's no long wait in the lobby of an animal hospital. Our veterinary team has years of experience working with cats, and when cats are in their home, they usually are much better patients without the stressful environmental stimulation.

We all have very busy schedules and sometimes making time to fit in a veterinary visit is difficult. For your convenience we offer a pickup service for your cat. We will arrange a pickup in our cat mobile unit to
transfer your cat to the cat hospital. Especially if your cat is ill and needs to get veterinary care immediately and you need to get to work.

Our services

Services that we provide include wellness exam, senior care, vaccination, laboratory testing, behavior
consultation, hospice care, in-home euthanasia, and more.

Please contact us at or call for a house call appointment with Dr. Bonder at 416-479- 0142. Please leave a message after hours.

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