Thursday, March 15, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr.....Non-Animal Lovers Admonishing Those Who Care About Animals

Last week, thousands of people followed the case of Buddy, a dog from Sudbury who's owner had another individual shoot the dog in the head to "euthanize" him (I prefer the term "murder"). Buddy was found on a road and taken to a vet. Unfortunately, poor buddy died on the operating table during a second surgery. In light of this horrific event, a 6 km walk has been organized for tomorrow to raise awareness of the constant mistreatment of animals throughout the province. Believe it or not, shooting your dog is not considered illegal in this province, as long as it is done "humanely"?

The story of Buddy has sparked debate among animal lovers and non-animal lovers. Some feel that under no circumstances should a pet EVER have to "be put down" in such a fashion. Others point to the fact that many rural communities have controlled pet overpopulation in such a fashion for many years. On one message board, I even read a comment alluding to the fact that if veterinarians didn't charge so much for humane euthanasia (sometimes upwards of $300), more people wouldn't resort to such a method. Really? If some people can't afford such a cost, they shouldn't have a dog in the first place!

What infuriated me reading hundreds of comments on this story is how truly ignorant non-animal lovers can be. In case you haven't read this truly heartbreaking story, you can catch up on the details (and comments) here. Here are just some of the comments that have been posted :

"Sudburians arrested for child porn" Don"t see any of you people blogging about this when it came up."

"Wow you people are unreal. Ypou (sic) want to walk for a cause? Great walk for the children that arte (sic) going to bed hungry every night, walk for the children of sexual or physical abuse, walk for the stop of abuse against woman, walk against the American war machine killing thousands of innocent lives. This yes cruel but you people are CRAZY IN THE HEAD> It's an animal..... Yes it was cruel but this is crazy."

"Get a grip friends. It was a dog. In Afghanistan; females are forbidden to go to school. Women are treated like animals. Men are abducted and tourtured by the Taliban. Children are forced into labour and scooped up to be put into training camps. Suicide bombers kill innocent families. Global disasters maim, kill, and strand thousands. In our own backyard, there are a few disadvantaged people that need our help. But hey, lets go for a stroll for a mutt."

"80,000+ civilians INCLUDING WOMEN AND CHILDREN are being killed in illegal wars OUR country were involved in yet nobody cares. Out of sight, out of mind. 1 Freakin (sic) dog. Buddy didn't crawl home out of bravery, it was animal instinct. I know this hits close to home for people that think their family pet is in fact family but...they are factually not."

The people who take the time to post such comments really don't get it do they? Sure some are trolls simply posting to incite a reaction, but many come from others expressing their opinions on the situation (as is their right). These people, have they an iota of intelligence, should consider a few things :

Just because an individual speaks out on or donates to needy animals does not for one instant mean they are insensitive to other problems plaguing our society. Get your heads out of your asses. If you are so closed minded to never consider that these people also donate and/or act to fight against cancer, child abuse, AIDS, and any number of human rights violations, then you really need to wake up.

"It's just a dog". If you truly feel this way, then go post your SUPPORT for a human cause on the respective forum rather than criticizing those who CHOOSE to fight for animal welfare. I'm not a big fan of bats, but am I going to spend my time commenting about a story detailing the need to protect a certain species of bat from extinction? Am I going to go on the boards and scream, "C'mon people it's just a bat!" Of course I wouldn't. That would put me at a 10 on the douchebag scale.

From most of the comments, I gather many feel dogs are below men, women and children. I wouldn't necessarily argue this fact.  I can safely assume that out of most people, if one had to ever make the agonizing decision of saving their child or their dog, they would likely save the child. But to suggest that people should SOLELY concentrate their efforts on human issues is preposterous. I assume based on the ignorant comments that people are to only speak up when a person is harmed. Okay, let's do that. Let's sit idly by doing nothing while people torture animals. Keep in mind that many of these animal abusers go on to become violent towards who? That's right, humans.

Putting animals below humans does not make an individual any less caring than another. Though saying nothing when an animal is in distress, or even worse admonishing those who actually take action, certainly does.