Monday, March 26, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr.....MPP Jack MacLaren Using Political Spin To Further His OSPCA Agenda

Can you imagine? A politician distorting facts to further his or her own agenda? My word, it can't possibly be true!  Okay, it happens all the time, and it's up to others (we the public) to shout far and wide when we see it. Today, MPP Jack MacLaren has outdone himself with respect to attempting to pass Bill 47 and push animal welfare in Ontario back a decade or two.You can catch up here.

Mr. MacLaren has updated his website to demonstrate the "mass" support he has going into the legislature on Thursday. Here's the problem : Many of the quotes featured on his site are taken COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT!. What Mr. MacLaren fails to reveal is the facts that many of the quotes were written in support of MPP Klees' resolution from November 18, 2010. In addition, many of the broad comments are years old, and reflect the opinions of the authors AT THAT TIME.

Even more disturbing? Mr. MacLaren has stooped so low as to include comments from some authors who are AGAINST BILL 47! He has taken their past comments reflecting the need for provincial oversight of the OSPCA and presented them to make people believe that they support his current bill, when in fact THEY DO NOT! Clearly, Mr. MacLaren did not even bother to contact the individuals expressing their respective statements, as some would never authorize permission for said statements to be used.

Mr. MacLaren's actions are, in a word, despicable. It's one thing for the media or politicians to skewer facts or statistics to further an agenda, and it happens all the time. But this is not "tweaking" by Mr. MacLaren. It is outright LYING to the Ontario public. It goes far beyond any acceptable or moral method for a politician to further an agenda, and it is reprehensible for Mr. MacLaren to abuse Ontario voters' trust.

So there is no confusion Mr. MacLaren, I authorize you to use the above statements IN WHOLE on your website, so that animal welfare activists and Ontario voters can see for themselves the underhanded way in which you are conducting yourself. Who knows, some might still support you, but at least you will have afforded them the facts to help them make up their minds.

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  1. I really had to laugh out loud when I read this blog...the irony of it just speaks volumes! You see, you are saying it makes you mad that Jack MacLaren puts his own spin on things and takes things out of context AND lies about facts. Your right! He does all of these things for his own adgenda and personal vendetta against the OSPCA. You, my dear, are doing the exact same thing. That is the irony here.

    You are defending Jessica Johnson with your distorted facts and your own spin on things. You are also defending the Cornwall farmer who starved his cattle to death, you are degending the owner's of the 16 yr. old Husky who left him tied in the back yard in 30 degree heat with no water, no shade, he could not stand up and was having seizures. He was urinating and deficating on himself and was emaciated. Yet you critize the OSPCA for taking that dog away from them and humanely euthanuzing him? No one came home for 2 days! What was the OSPCA to do? Leave him there in the hot sun to die for 2 days until the owners finally decided to come home?

    I suppose you are also defending David and Marily Robinson of Chesterville too? And Steve Straub? You proudly post articles from Patrick Meagher and Ian Cummings. Do you have ANY idea who they are??? Do you have any idea who the Ontario Land Owner's Association is?

    They believe that animals are property, and under NO circumstace should a government body or OSPCA or police be allowed on your property for any reason. This means they protect ALL puppy millers, they protect people who blantly abuse and neglect animals.

    You better do some reaserch honey, because the Ontario Land Owner's Association, Jack MacLaren, Ian Cummings and the rest of them care NOTHING about animals rights. They have one adgenda and that is to protect animal abusers.

    If you care anything about animal rights, you will stop posting articles written in the farmers forum and The Ontario Farmers magazines bu Patrick Meagher and Ian Cummings. They lie through their teeth over and ovwr again for their own agenda.

    p.s. they are also recruiting ALL hunters and trappers and fur management to join them in their fight.