Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pet Social Hosting Free Training Session On February 25

Expert Dog Training ....that gets results!
Kameron & Brad Pattison
 I am Kameron Cuk and I have been training dogs and helping families for the last 5 years, but life REALLY changed for me 4 years ago when I met Brad Pattison from the show “At The End of My Leash”& " Puppy S.O.S"…. I was the first Certified Trainer of Brads in Ontario and since then have gone on to joining Brad and his K9 Rescue Team and travelling to such places as Puerto Rico, Haiti, and Dominican Republic working with rescue organizations in those countries.


I am also the CTE Course Instructor for Eastern Canada and have had the privilege of educating, mentoring, and graduating students in Ontario as well as Nova Scotia.

I have been working with clients and their unruly dogs for the past 4 years and this all happened because I couldn’t get proper help and education about dog ownership.  I absolutely love teaching clients how to achieve their goals, it is an amazing feeling when you see them reach that moment where they understand their dogs needs and have the relationship they were looking for.

“I know my dog can be awesome, but all the training I have done up to now hasn’t helped”, this is a common sentence amongst my clients when I first meet them.  We can all have amazing dogs with unique personalities, but are you willing to have a standard and stick with it?

My goals are to educate you about our furry friends, to teach you training skills, and do it all in our urban environment.  This is where training needs to happen; in your everyday surroundings because this is your real life and being able to integrate training into your lifestyle is what will make you successful!

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