Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr.....Animal Rescues Not Working Together

Finally more proof that in order to improve animal welfare, organizations need to WORK TOGETHER! The Toronto Feral Cat Coalition is comprised of municipal animal control, rescue groups, welfare organizations, and individuals concerned for the care of homeless and feral cats throughout the GTA. So far, the group's work has been outstanding, as evidenced by over 750 cats being fixed in a little over a year.

Can you imagine such a result if all of the groups uniting in the coalition went about this project in their separate ways with their own agendas? In particular, it's wonderful to see the Toronto Humane Society and the OSPCA putting past differences aside (though of course there are still issues between the two) to work together toward a common goal.

There are always going to be personal agendas when determining how best to go about improving animal welfare in the city. As a result, there will always be differing opinions on methods to be used in achieving this goal. Thankfully, the Toronto Feral Cat Coalition provides an outstanding example of what can happen when differences are put aside for the greater good.

I urge you to visit the following links to learn more about this amazing organization :

Toronto Feral Cat Coalition website
Toronto Street Cats - a volunteer program through the Toronto Humane Society
Regent Park Spay Strays Project - recently awarded a grant from Petsmart to spay/neuter all roaming cats in Regent Park, an area known for its feline overpopulation (on the website, you can request an appointment).
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