Saturday, January 28, 2012

Groups "Storm's Animal Allies" And "Give A Dog A Second Chance" Facing Accusations Of Deceiving Donors

This is what I was talking about last week folks....questionable "rescues" on Facebook. In the past two days, two groups are under the microscope. Here is what we know :

On it's Facebook page, a group going by Storm's Animal Allies is requesting donations to assist four dogs that "Give A Dog A Second Chance" rescue claim to have rescued from a Peterborough home. In addition, the group states it is working together with Give A Dog A Second Chance Rescue. The second group has faced accusations for quite some time, and you can read the facts here (I recommend a thorough read, as the blog demonstrates how these "rescues" change their stories, and even their names, all in the hopes of deceiving donors). In fact, it's founder has an outstanding warrant for animal cruelty charges in New York.

Here is where I draw the line : DO NOT DONATE DIRECTLY TO ANY RESCUE GROUPS UNTIL YOU HAVE DONE YOUR HOMEWORK!!! A couple days ago, people began questioning Storm's Animal Allies. When they requested information as to which vet is supposedly looking after the animals, they were told the information was confidential. It was not until today when some serious backlash began that the group posted the vet's information and said that people could donate directly to the vet (they had previously only accepted donations to their own account). By the way, when concerned individuals called the vet this morning the vet informed these people that Storm's Animal Allies had never even contacted them. It wasn't until this fact came to light that the group frantically called the vet about the dogs.

When a group solicits YOUR money with a panicked request, as Storm's Animal Allies did on their Facebook page...."PLEASE HELP...THEY NEED EMERGENCY ARE (sic) IMMEDIATELY...We have no funds left" a giant red flag needs to go up. Let me see, the group supposedly rescued these four dogs, who are in deplorable condition, and they haven't seen a vet yet? The group itself says that the dogs were eating their own leashes and drywall out of starvation. GET THESE DOGS TO A VETERINARIAN NOW! How dare you use the excuse that you don't have the funds. If you don't have the funds, contact other rescue groups that do. You know, the ones who actually have the foresight to have a bank account with reserved funds for when something like this arises? You could even try one that's actually a registered charity!

If this is all true, then to Storm's Animal Allies and Give A Dog A Second Chance Rescue I say this : "Your days are numbered." I know from experience, true animal lovers will not stop until all the facts are uncovered, and will go to the highest authorities in doing so.

If none of this is true, I welcome any representative from either of these two rescue groups to contact The Toronto Pet Daily and give their side of the story. I simply want the following information :

1. What is your registered charity number?
2. Why haven't these dogs been taken to a vet? If they have eaten what you say they have, one or all four of these dogs face imminent danger, and could die any minute.
3. Why did you inform the vet this morning (when you FINALLY called), that the dogs were "too scared" to bring them, and you would wait until Monday? 
4. Do you offer charitable receipts for individuals who turn over their hard earned money to help these animals?
5. Do you have DOCUMENTED proof of all the dogs that you reportedly "saved", as listed on your website success stories? Which vets have you taken them to? I'm sure these wonderful vets would be more than proud to share your limelight.

In case some of you are wondering why I haven't afforded these two groups the opportunity to comment yet, it's because I have seen first hand through Facebook the information changing and changing. Once these groups can get their stories straight, I welcome any such response. I would really like to give the two groups the benefit of the doubt, but unfortunately I can not do that while four sick dogs lie on the floor & the group says they can't do anything until they get donations. That my friends turns these dogs into hostages, waiting for you to pay the ransom.

Feel free to comment and ask any questions you'd like answered by these two groups, and I'll be sure to forward them along. In addition, if you have ever donated to any organization and feel that you have been scammed, report it to the OPP fraud department.

You can read my previous post on this issue on this page, and you can read even more on Tailspin. I highly recommend Tailspin, it's always thought provoking.