Saturday, January 28, 2012

An Open Letter To Storm's Animal Allies And Give A Dog A Second Chance

Earlier today, an individual posted on the Storm's Animal Allies Facebook page that they would be willing to cover the cost of vet care for these dogs. Your response? You banned that individual from your Facebook page and deleted all of her posts. I am wondering what it is you have to hide. Here you have one tremendous woman who has offered to pay the veterinary costs, until such time that she can be reimbursed (and I'm sure this will be a hefty amount) to get these dogs the care they so desperately need NOW.

Here is what I propose. Take these dogs to the vet today. Do not offer the excuse that "they are too scared". All you need is a vehicle. Don't even bother with an excuse on this one. That means that all four of these dogs that you desperately want to help will be receiving medical care in a matter of HOURS.

Yes, IT IS THAT SIMPLE, and if you refuse to act on this suggestion, you will have only yourselves to blame for anything that happens to those poor dogs.

It is now time to do the right thing.

The woman who has so kindly offered to help has already been in contact with the vet willing to receive these dogs. You will be able to reimburse her through the donations you have already received on your donation page. Your page displays that you have so far received $310...that's a wonderful start to helping this woman who has, out of the kindness of her heart, taken it upon herself to front the funds necessary so these dogs have a chance.

I'll even offer a second suggestion, not that it should be needed. If you are still wary of accepting money from this individual, call some of the nearly 100 registered animal rescues in Ontario. Tell them you will turn the dogs over to them, as they will have the funds, foster, vet, and proper adoption methods to help these suffering dogs.

Do yourselves a favour and attempt to restore any reputation you may have once had before it's too late.