Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year's Message For The Animals

Another Christmas has passed and a new year is upon us. Many may be nursing the after effects of a New Year’s Eve celebration.  Some will spend a little time reflecting on what has taken place in their lives over the last year. While some plan 2012 with determined resolutions.
If you are an animal lover reflecting on changes that were made for our animals in 2011, you don’t have much to reflect on. You see there haven’t been as many concrete changes in animal welfare in 2012 as we would like to have seen. Not in the province. Not in the country, Not in the world.  That is not because efforts weren’t made. Incredible efforts right across the globe.
I am increasingly encouraged every time I see a news article or t.v. coverage of a story of any species of animal. How about the elephants being moved from the Toronto Zoo to a warmer climate. A fight taken up by the incredible Bob Barker who not only fought for this change, but is financing it as well.
Let us not forget the ban on circus animals in China? That is no small coup.
So lest you feel a little defeated about the present situation revolving around animal welfare – don’t be!
These may seem like small steps but they really are gigantic. They show us, not only are animal welfare issues being taken seriously throughout the world, they are also receiving media coverage. I do not ever remember seeing as much attention being given to animal related stories as I have in the last year. Three or four years ago we did not have that kind of recognition or media interest. There was not one protest, vigil or incident involving OSPCA which did not get some kind of coverage. The reporters did not hesitate when called upon. They were there for us and kept the stories going as long as they were able to.   We owe them a lot, in particular Amanda Persico of the Newmarket Era Banner, Terry Davidson of the Toronto Sun and of course old dependable Peter Worthington of the Toronto Sun and Huffington Post. I encourage you to let them know how much they are appreciated:
Amanda Persico:
Peter Worthington: Peter does not make his email public. You can however send one to the Sun`s general mailbox. I suggest you put Peter Worthington in the subject line:
We are evolving slowly but surely. These changes came as a result of people not giving up their fight for animals. People just like you. One by one, individual by individual anyone who has sent a letter, made a phone call, adopted from a rescue, given a home to a stray, made a donation, volunteered to help at a rescue, humane society or shelter, discussed an animal issue with neighbours or fellow workers to raise awareness, signed a petition, fed a feral, spoken to their representative at any level of government or said prayer and wept for an animal, has made a difference. You are making these changes happen.  
We are starting to see changes to bring a life to animals which they deserve. Whether it is in the ocean, in the sky or on the earth, animals as we all know, deserve respect, consideration and preservation. Please continue to do your part. Eventually it will be reflected across the planet. You are a part of a very huge revolution. Let`s bring it to a higher level.
I would like you to think about what one change you would like to see for animals. What one thing can you suggest, small or large,  that would improve the life of an animal.  Is there something you would like to see the general public do? Is there something your municipality could change? What about provincial laws and bi-laws? Any action you would like to see Mr. Harper take? Or is there something you want to do yourself which you haven’t had an opportunity to before now?
Post your suggestions on RAAW's FB page and then let’s see if we can make 2012 the year of change. Let’s each make a New Year’s resolution to work towards at least one new change for our animals.
Happy New Year’s to you and your animal family.
Lynn Perrier
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