Monday, January 2, 2012

Lost Orange Tabby - Morris (Dufferin/Lawrence)

A friend of a friend has lost his cat. If anyone is in the area of BENTWORTH and PAUL DAVID, which is near Yorkdale Mall in the Dufferin and Lawrence area, please be on the lookout for this poor lost kitty cat. He was visiting and so is not familiar with his surroundings. Here are the details:

Morris was visiting for Christmas and was let out when his owner Dan was not there.

He is a light orange male tabby, unneutered, 6 - 7 years old. He has an old wound on his back and so may not let anyone pick him up. He is used to being outside since he was born in the wild in Midland, Ontario. But Toronto is not his home, so he does not know where he is!

If you see Morris, please contact Edna Gullins @ 416-781-6541 (this is Dan's mom who lives in the area)  as quickly as you can.

Please share and crosspost so that Morris can be reunited with his owner who missed him deeply.

Thank you so much! Let’s start the New Year on a happy note by reuniting Morris with his dad!

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