Monday, January 30, 2012

Latest On The "Storm's Animal Allies"/"Give A Dog A Second Chance" Saga

To catch yourself up on the details (and judging by countless emails I have received most of you are up to date) you simply need to read the two posts below. Here is where things stood as of last night :

An incredible offer to get these four dogs the veterinary care they so desperately need was posted to Storm's Animal Allies Facebook page. Here is what will be provided for the dogs :

1. Veterinary fees that the rescue group will no longer have to concern itself with
2. Transportation
3. Foster care and placing these four dogs into loving homes provided by Helping Homeless Pets, one of the most reputable no-kill shelters in in Toronto. It is comprised of nearly 100 no-kill local rescue organizations from across the country.

It would be unfathomable if these two rescue groups did not accept this incredible offer with open arms.  The rescue group has stated that their detractors (myself included) are slandering them out of our own ego. Well here you go folks, I've checked my ego at the door. And now it is time for these rescue groups to do the same. Are we going to be looking at yet another excuse as to why these dogs can't immediately be put in the hands of a vet and Helping Homeless Pets? In my mind, anything else is not acceptable. If the group truly is about rescues working together, then clearly there is no reason to avoid this offer.

As it currently stands the dogs have still not been to a vet.

*Correction : Storm's Animal Alliance is not a rescue group, rather an advocate group.