Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Have The Four Dogs "Rescued" From A House In Peterborough Seen A Vet Yet? Of Course Not

And so it continues....for those following, and there are more than a few, I can say that for some reason there still seem to be some defenders of Storm's Animal Allies and Give A Dog A Second Chance, though not many. I have received emails telling me it is unfair to not let their respective representatives speak on the issue. With that in mind, I messaged the founder of Storm's Animal Allies (at her request) last night. I addressed all of the concerns that people have. I did not hear back from her. Today I messaged both representatives and posed several questions to them. Here are some of those questions :

To the founder of Give A Dog A Second Chance :

1. Is your organization "Give A Dog A Second Chance" a registered charity in Canada? Who is the individual in charge at Give A Dog A Second Chance? Answer : No answer has yet been sent to torontopetdaily@gmail.com

2. How did the four dogs from Peterborough end up in your hands? Did you have a legal right to obtain them? Were you accompanied by the police or media when you obtained the dogs? Are you claiming or have you claimed legal responsibility for these dogs? Answer : Nothing yet

3. You stated that you were informed about the dogs after a bank called the property manager of the foreclosed property. What is the contact information for the property manager? Did the property manager give you the legal right to enter the premises? Answer : Nothing yet

4. Why did the dogs not receive medical attention between Wednesday January 25 and yesterday, January 30. At the beginning, it was stated that the dogs needed immediate emergency care. Answer : Nothing yet

5. Have the dogs been to the vet today, as was promised this morning? Answer : Nothing yet

6. What is your history with the founder of Storm's Animal Alliance? Why did she assume responsibility for fund raising for these dogs? Why did you, since the dogs were in your possession, not take on fund raising efforts through your own rescue organization, Give A Dog A Second Chance? Answer : Nothing yet

7. Why did you turn down an offer from Helping Homeless Pets to help provide emergency boarding, vetting, and foster care and adoption for these dogs? Answer : Nothing yet

8. Is it true that there are either one or two outstanding warrants for your arrest in the United States? Answer : Nothing yet

9. You have stated that the dogs can not be placed into the hands of Helping Homeless Pets as there is an ongoing legal investigation into the situation. Can you explain then why two of these four dogs have been placed for adoption on the Give A Dog A Second Chance's website? Answer : Nothing yet

10. Where are the other two dogs that have not been listed for adoption? Answer : Nothing yet

To the founder of Storm's Animal Alliance :

1. Is your organization "Storms Animal Allies" a registered charity in Canada? Answer : Nothing yet

2. What is your history with the founder of "Give A Dog A Second Chance"? How and why did you assume responsibility for fund raising for these dogs? Why did you not leave fund raising efforts to "Give A Dog A Second Chance"? Answer : Nothing yet

3. Are you aware that the founder of Give A Dog A Second Chance has at least one known outstanding warrant for animal cruelty in the United States? Answer : Nothing yet

4. If your organization is an animal advocacy group, why do you solicit donations? Do you offer receipts for charitable donations? Answer : Nothing yet

5. With respect to an ongoing investigation, on your website you ask that anyone with information that can lead to a conviction to contact you via personal email. Why do you not direct them to contact legal authorities? Did the OPP or OSPCA instruct you to solicit such information from people? Answer : Nothing yet

6. With respect to the four dogs rescued from Peterborough, you stated on your Facebook page around 1:00 PM today that you were able to get the funds to treat these dogs. Why then at 4:15 PM is there still a ChipIn fund soliciting donations? Answer : Nothing yet

7. Again with respect to the Peterborough dogs, when did you become aware of the situation? When asked why you did not contact other animal rescue organization for assistance, you stated that you did and each one of them turned you down. What are the names of the rescue organizations you contacted? Answer : Nothing yet

I have received no responses from either individual. Both have posted vague information on Facebook directed at me, though that is unacceptable.  The above questions are not difficult to answer. If I receive any response, I will post the answers above. If after reading the facts and you are still a staunch supporter of either of these two organizations then clearly there is nothing I can say. If you think it's okay for four dogs who have been defecating drywall and cloth and dog leashes to not be seen by a vet immediately (last Wednesday),  evidently nothing will change your mind. For those with common sense who see this inaction for what it is : ANIMAL ABUSE, I applaud you for continuing to monitor and dissect each and every action taken by these two groups today and every day until they are shut down.. These people in their twisted minds state that they are the ones helping the animals. Hopefully one day soon they will be able to reflect long and hard on this sentiment from inside a prison cell.

As it stands 6:45 this evening, the vet clinic has been questioned and the dogs are still not there (though Storm's Animal Allies vehemently maintain on their Facebook page this is not true, the dogs were there at 3:30.....they may want to ask why the staff at the veterinary office is lying to the public).  Two dogs are still posted for adoption on Give A Dog A Second Chance's website.

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