Monday, January 23, 2012

The First Photo Contest Of 2012 Is Here.....MEOW Your Way To 100 Bucks!!

That's right, it's time we paid attention to those kool kitties. So many of you comment that there's not enough love for cats on the TPD, and while you may be right, there's a good reason  : Dogs are simply cooler than cats. Don't agree? Then prove me wrong by sharing the best pic you've got of your cat(s) with all of us! For the record I kinda love cats, even though my 21 year old girl Lucy did spend most of her life plotting against me, using the jump/scamper tactic on me countless times throughout the nights.

Here's what to do :

1. Share your photo on the Toronto Pet Daily Facebook page. Please include cats' names as well! You've only got 10 days to do so.

2. On February 2, the top 10 entries will be posted on the site. These will be determined by myself, Illona from Scruffy Dog Photography, and Erin from Pet Care And The City. There will then be three days of voting by the TPD readers.

3. The top three will be announced on February 6.

Here's what you can win :

1. The first place prize is $100.00 cash, as well as $100.00 donated to the shelter or rescue organization of the winner's choice.

2. The second & third place finishers will each win $50.00.

Good luck kitties!