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The TPD's Newest Column Is "Aaron's Pet Peeves" - The Pet Talk 360 Host Discusses Declawing And "Crazy Cat People"

Hello Everyone!

For those who don’t know who I am please let me introduce myself (drum roll) … My name is Aaron Thomas and I’m the host of Pet Talk 360. I was also the host of Rogers TV Your Pet Your Vet & Animal House Radio.

This is my first post and I know I will be getting a lot of emails with people who don’t like what I have to say BUT it’s my opinion and over the past 4 years working in the animal industry I have seen so many amazing things and so many ‘stupid’ things…

Welcome to Aaron’s Pet Peeves

Let’s face it, without the great job of the Toronto Humane Society (THS) and many other cat rescues we would live in a much different city… here is my Pet Peeve! Four years ago my wife and I were looking to adopt a cat so we went to the THS and saw many cats that were living in cages and didn’t have much of a chance unless they were adopted out. We started to talk to the staff and one member of the staff asked if we were planning to declaw the cat. At that point we didn’t know and said we will be considering everything. The staff member went crazy when she heard that! Not only did she have something to say to me, but she grabbed other staff members to somehow try to make a logical point. She said “In most countries it is illegal to declaw cats……. we will not allow you to adopt an animal if you are going to declaw it.” She was very red in the face the whole time she was saying this to me. I wish she asked me if I was planning on giving an amazing home for an animal and will always take care of it, but no, she felt that declawing a cat makes or breaks a good cat owner. YES I know what declaws are and what they entail and I have seen the procedure done several times over the years. I asked the girl if they do a criminal check when they adopt out cats and she said they do not. So I asked “What if you’re giving an animal to someone who has been convicted of murder, rape, or pedophilia?” and she said “We have a system to know if someone will be a good owner.” To me, that is completely ridiculous! Once again she is deflecting from her illogical rant about declawing! Let’s break down the argument…

It’s illegal in other countries: Well last time I checked it’s legal in Ontario, Canada. I could remind her that in other parts of the world it is legal to do most drugs, to hook up with a 12 year old girl, eat dogs and cats on the open food market. You can’t take a law in another part of the world and put it into a conversation where that law is legal in the part of the world where you are! You might hope and work hard to get it banned (which a lot of places have done), but that doesn’t make it illegal in Ontario!

Let’s talk about adopting for a second. I told her I wanted to get pet insurance for the cat, not let her outside and treat her well as a member of the family. NO, I am still not allowed to adopt the cat if I wanted to declaw it. It’s funny to me as stats show people who have pet insurance or put money away every month for an ‘in case pet fund’ spend more money on their pets health (this is not to say other’s don’t) and makes them that much more of a responsible pet owner.

The point of this blog is the fact that I had the home, the means, and the love, and I was still unable to adopt an animal due to an opinion and belief. I’m not saying she was right or wrong on her belief but I always wonder what happened to the cat; how long did it have to sit in a cage? How long until the cat had someone to care for her as their own… how long?

I always think how messed up this city is when I think about the fact that people who have committed crimes are allowed, without disclosure, to adopt an animal (just say the right thing, it’s that easy). We all know the stats, bad people start off by abusing their animals and sometimes even worse….

I’ve met so many people who work and have amazing cat rescues and trust me half of them don’t agree with the other ‘crazy cat people.’ Yes there are crazy cat people out there…

I think instead of people crapping on declawing we should as a city work towards making spaying and neutering a law! This would change everything…

Just to finish the story for you of our journey to adopt a cat, a few days after our failed attempt at the THS, we walked into a Pet Smart and found a cat up for adoption and adopted her, the lady there was more down to earth….

For the record I’m not a big fan of declawing – I understand why people do it and why people don’t. If you’re going to declaw your cat make sure your cat is going to be an indoor cat, make sure you do it while they are young, and make sure you talk to your VET and ask how they do the procedure. I’ve seen some awful vets who don’t care and give the animal basic pain meds! It’s an amputation they need more than the basics… so if you’re paying less than 400 dollars for a declaw, I think that is a red flag and you need to ask these questions…..

For all the cat rescues keep up the great work – remember the most important thing is to make sure it’s a good and stable home that the cat will go to. Don’t stress over stuff like declaw and things that are LEGAL to do in Ontario… when it changes and becomes illegal then enforce it….

What are your thoughts?

Are you for declawing if done correct?

Are you against it at all costs?

Or as long as the animal has a stable home and will live a long happy life, you’re good with that?

My Next Pet Peeve I will be Holding VETS to account! Oh this is just the beginning….

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Aaron Thomas
Host Pet Talk 360

Editors note : Aaron's opinions are not necessarily those of the Toronto Pet Daily. As usual, feel free to comment below. 

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