Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Toronto Pet Daily And Cottage Dog Magazine Are Teaming Up!

I'm very excited to tell you all that I'm now helping contribute to Cottage Dog Magazine, an amazing publication. I'll be starting with the "Bits and Bites" portion, and for this I'll need YOUR HELP! We really want to focus on YOU AND YOUR POOCH, and tell stories that showcase just how much people and pooches alike adore spending time in our beautiful cottage country.

Here's what we're looking for :

Once an issue, we'd like to feature your pet. Send along a high resolution photo of your doggy enjoying cottage country, along with a description (paragraph or two). What are your dog's favourite cottage activities? Are boat or canoe rides the bees knees? How about swimming or hiking? Tell us your story & you might be featured in the next issue (right now we're focusing on the winter season, though feel free to submit summer stuff as well, since the cold can't last forever.....grrrrrr).

Send us some information if you have a favourite retreat that you like to go to with your doggy in the winter season.

If you are a business that caters in part or whole to dogs in cottage country, submit your info. Likewise, if you are hosting or attending a fun winter event in which dogs are welcome, tell us all about it!

Now that winter is here (a fact), are you stuck in the city for a little while? Tell us what you like to do with your four legged BFF to pass the time.

Please send your submissions and suggestions to, so we can show off your cottage dog!

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