Friday, December 14, 2012

One Shelter Pet's Plea For Christmas....A Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,

Can you make my Christmas wish come true? I promise I've been good all year, and all I want now is to get out of this place! I can't even tell you how long I've been here. At first I was counting the days, but now I can't even seem to do feels like forever. Some days are ok I guess, because really nice people come in to pet me and my friends, and some of us get to leave with them. While many of us are disappointed that we remain, we still gather up the energy to wag our tails and celebrate that our friends have gone on to exciting new things!

The nights seem to never end. We try really hard to get a good night sleep so we can be eager in the morning to meet new people, but it can be hard. It's very cold and lonely, and some of us just can't take it. We find ourselves crying through most of the night. We try to figure out why no one loves us. We wonder what we did to get stuck in here. The people who work here are really nice and they do the best they can, but I can see in their eyes that they too are so tired. Still, they take the time when they can to hug & kiss & squeeze us, and that little act makes things a bit more bearable.

Some of us were actually happy when we came here, but every day we lose another piece of that. It's hard for people to understand what being in a place like this does to you. Many of my friends used to be so nice, but now they growl and bark more than they used too. I try to remind them that if they keep it up, they will never get a new mommy or daddy, but for some of them this no longer sinks in.

On the worst days, we lose some great friends, often a whole group. We know that they aren't going home with a new mommy or daddy, because they go down the hall into a room we can't see. We know that we will never see them again. As they cry and plead for just one more day, we cry too. We know that any day now, we could be next. I don't think many people realize that we know exactly what goes in that room, but we do.

Santa, why doesn't anybody love me? It's been so long that I can't even remember what I did to be sent here, but it couldn't have been that bad could it? All I want for Christmas this year is for me and my friends to find new mommies and daddies, so we can make them the happiest people on earth! I'm sure you know this because after all, you're Santa and you know everything, but we all have unending, unconditional love for people, and we're all ready to show it to the world.

What I would give to eat a nice meal in a warm home, or lick a child's cheek, or play in the snow! Can you imagine? I miss curling up in a lap. I miss playing with my toys. I miss mischief! 

Santa, I'll hold on in here as long as I can. It won't be easy, but everyday I'll try to forget about the room down the hall, and I'll try to keep my friends' spirits up. I know you're very busy right now, but if you can just take the tiniest bit of time out of your schedule to tell everyone you can about me, I promise to be good all next year too. And one more thing....MERRY CHRISTMAS SANTA!!!

Your four legged BFF

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