Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Reader Helps Reach Out For Attawapiskat Pets

As I’m sure you’re aware, the stories coming out of Attawapiskat seems to grow more and more grim daily. What many people don’t realize is that while the humans continue to argue over how to best deal with matters up there, the situation for the dogs is becoming dire.

Attawapiskat is home to countless homeless and unwanted dogs. Many of them are puppies. There are a number of dedicated volunteers and rescues who work together to continually try to bring out as many dogs as possible. While dogs are being shipped out, food is regularly being shipped in for those awaiting transfer. The system has worked really well....until now. Although there are 2 skids of dog food sitting in Timmins waiting to fly out, all flights are understandably jammed with much needed supplies for the people. The food cannot get to the dogs and supplies are critically low.

There is good news however. With their mind boggling resourcefulness, these folks have once again come up with a clever solution. The mail is still flying into Attawapiskat daily. SO…’s

how you can help. Pick up a small bag of puppy food and mail it to the following address:

Floyd Louttit
General Delivery
P0L 1A0

Now here’s the best part of this plan. Floyd is the volunteer who cares for the homeless and unwanted dogs up there. Therefore, you can trust that the food is going directly where it is needed. No middle man, nobody skimming anything off the top. Just food for hungry dogs. It’s that simple.