Friday, December 16, 2011

The Last Contest Of 2011 "Voluncheers For Animal Volunteers!" - Win $150.00

The most courageous volunteer
in history.
The holiday season is here, and I can think of no better way of giving back than to reward volunteers at rescue organizations and shelters. This year, with the help of sponsors, The Toronto Pet Daily has given away over $4000.00 in cash and prizes, and in addition I am happy to say that $1000.00 has been donated to Helping Homeless Pets, an amazing organization. In December alone, prizes have totaled $1350.00, and my mild OCD has me wanting to raise that to an even $1500 (yes, I know that 1350 is also an even number, lest ye be judged)!

So now it's time to give $150.00 to one very deserving volunteer. Here's what to do :

1. Upload a picture of a volunteer (I hope they're not camera shy!) to the Toronto Pet Daily Facebook page.

2. Write a description of why that person is so deserving.

There you go, nice and easy! On Christmas eve I'll be doing a draw from the entries and one lucky volunteer will win $150.00 cash. You may ask why you need to write a description if I'm going to simply do a draw? Because these wonderful volunteers deserve all the recognition we can give them. While $150.00 might certainly come in handy for some last minute corner store "gifts", it simply can't match the kind words and recognition that all the volunteers deserve. I also urge readers to go to the Facebook page & seek out the entrants, and take just a quick second to comment on how much you appreciate what they do for our four legged friends.

Start entering now until 6:00 Christmas eve, and let's give out a big "VOLUNCHEERS" to a deserving bunch (I'm now embarrassed for coining that term.....unless someone else already has, in which case I'm embarrassed for you!).