Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Here Are Just A Few Of The Awesome Volunteers Whose Friends' Have Entered Them In The $150 Voluncheers Contest!

This is Carla Davidson a dedicated volunteer for Northern Ontario Animal Welfare Society. Carla is pictured here with Little Anne, one of the many Mile 26 Dogs she rescued from that tragedy.
Carla dedicates 100% of her time to keeping NOAWS up and running so no animal will go without. She diligently works to raise funds and solve issues with what seems to be tireless enthusiasm and undying love for both the people she works with and the creatures who need her.
Thank you Carla, we love you right back ♥
This is Tina Hill, she is the creator and co-ordinator of a WONDERFUL organization in the Niagara region called "Therapy Tails". It's a therapy dog organization that brings special teams of volunteers with their dogs into any situation imaginable (Elderly homes, special need homes, schools, libraries, preschools, parades, etc etc) We are very active in the community - and everybody who joins loves... the positive atmosphere. Without Tina, and her endless hours of leadership we would never be the organization that we are. She is such a positive, and wonderful role model for us all, and built our 100+ teams of people with their dogs from scratch. She deserves so much credit for all she has done - but never really gets it, so this is the least I can do. As well as coordinating she also has rescued a Sheepdog of her own (taking her doggie toll to 3 sheepdogs, Fergie, Digby, and Farley). She is one of the most beautiful people I know, and I love her so much as a friend... I hope she get's some recognition because she deserves it...and so much more! For more info please go to www.therapytails.ca
This is Marie, a volunteer for North Toronto Cat Rescue. She has a family and two jobs, yet she always makes time to go to the shelter at least twice a week to feed, clean, nurse and love all the cats. She knows them all by name and personality. To see her with them, it's clear that they all love her back just as much!

She also does fundraising, public relations/awareness, even donates to the shelter herself and sponsors cats monthly. Not to mention the massive amount of time she's spent helping me get familiar with the shelter and resident cats. I know there is more she does that I just don't know about yet because she's that type of person that would do everything possible to help a homeless pet!

Her dedication is amazing and all the kitties and NTCR are super lucky to have her!! I really hope she's chosen. She definitely deserves it!

For full contest details click here, and let's continue singing the praises of these wonderful animal volunteers!