Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Toronto Animal Services Receives Award For Pet Adoption Programs

The Summit for Urban Animal Strategies has recognized the City of Toronto’s Animal Services with a 2011 Summit for Urban Strategies Award in the “Animal Homing” category.

The award recognizes an organization that demonstrates innovation, commitment and extraordinary effort in “homing” animals through adoption, partnership and fostering programs. The award was presented October 21 at the 2011 Summit for Urban Animal Strategies held in Montebello, Quebec.

“Toronto Animal Services staff have developed strong community and industry partnerships that have resulted in significant increases in pet adoptions to permanent homes,” said Councillor Cesar Palacio (Ward 17 Davenport), Chair of the Licensing and Standards Committee. “It’s keeping the number of animals living in shelters at a responsible, manageable and cost-effective level.”

Some of the partnerships, programs and promotions Toronto Animal Services has established include:

• Using off-site pet adoption partners, such as Petsmart, Pet Valu and veterinarian clinics across the Greater Toronto Area.
• Expanding the local network of pet adoption partners to include organizations such as the Toronto Humane Society, Speaking of Dogs and Toronto Cat Rescue.
• Establishing a dog transfer-in program that brings dogs from other communities outside Toronto where dog over-population is an issue and finds homes for them in Toronto. This program enables Animal Services to offer a greater number and selection of adoptable dogs, which better serves customers and raises Animal Services’ profile as a pet adoption agency.
• Using innovative adoption campaigns.

Toronto Animal Services has steadily increased its number of animal adoptions every year for the last six years by expanding adoption partnerships in the community and by using innovative ad campaigns. The increase is approximately 37 per cent for cats and dogs from 2005 to 2010. Cat adoptions have gone from adopting 2,166 cats in 2005 to 2,961 in 2010. Dog adoptions have gone from 745 dogs in 2005 to 1,034 in 2010.