Monday, November 21, 2011

Things That Make Me Go Grrrrr.....Pets As Christmas Presents And Brits Killing Pets For Insurance Fraud

Tis the comes earlier every year. In mid-October I was buying Halloween candy, and where were the sweets located in Shopper's Drug Mart? That's right, next to the Christmas decorations. Even Black Friday has become "Black Thursday" this year thanks to Walmart trying to best the competition. Believe it or not Petsmart is opening it's south of the border doors at 6:00 am this Friday, just in case you can't sleep at 4:30 in the morning and need to save 50 cents on a squeaky hot dog. You know who you are, and in a few days, we will too.

Now before you all start getting a wee bit to jolly, I'm sure some of you are planning that perfect four legged gift for your family. It's been said again, and it's worth repeating every year : "Pets aren't for Christmas, pets are FOR LIFE!" I'm not speaking to those who have been planning a purchase for some time, and who have had the foresight to pre-purchase your crates, toys, food, and book your training sessions ahead of time. I'm talking to those who run out to a shelter the week before the big day and grab the first puppy or kitten you see in the hopes that it'll erase the fact that a) you're never home on time or b) you've missed every baseball game and/or ballet recital since 2008. Have you ever wondered why animal shelters are inundated with pets every January? Now you know, and contrary to what most believe, I would venture a guess that knowing is at least two thirds of the battle. So this season, think, re-think, and then think some more before you add to your hectic life. Those "gotcha" $3.99 DVD copies of "Dirty Dancing Havana Nights" you see at the checkout are impulse items.  Pets are not.

Now on to the truly deplorable. I wasn't aware until last week listening to Pet Talk 360 (which btw you can do tonight at 7:00) that there's a current trend of despicable people maiming, and in some cases even killing their pets for big insurance payoffs. In the UK, the numbers have increased four-fold.  Words can't really express what kind of people these are. Wait a turns out they can : You are all selfish, inhumane, pathetic excuses for what can't even be considered to be human. If you are that desperate for money, might I suggest venturing to an alley behind your local pub and giving reacharounds to your fellow drunken sots? I assure you no one is getting hurt and there's far less paperwork involved. Besides, now the insurance companies are on to you, and you sir are no Michael Moore. I really do hope that one day soon your dog bites you in your man/lady parts and your insurance company denies you a settlement based on what they believe to be, "a simple pre-existing condition of fairly unsightly genitalia."

There........that's better. Feel free to let us know what makes you go grrrr by posting below or on the TPD Facebook page.