Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lost Grey Cat - Menace (Harmony/Rossland)


We have lost our family cat, Menace. He went missing on the evening of November 5th, 2011.

Description: Grey with white patch on chest and on his belly, male, neutered, declawed, and approximately 10-12 pounds. He is a friendly indoor cat. He is shy and is probaby very scared so he may not come if called. He may come to the sound of treats being shaken in a bag.

Our family misses him dearly and we hope for his safe return. Please contact us (Mike and Shannon) if you have seen him in your neigbourhood.

905-743-9662 or 905-441-1982



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  1. my cat went missing for a while also. i was told that if you leave a blanket out with your smell on it you have more of a chance of the cat finding its way home. my cat was the same, indoor spade and declawed and so on and missing. She came back to the blanket in the back of the house. your not to leave food out cuz that may feed unwanted animals. also may feed your cat and there would be less of a reason to come home. Good luck, hope you find your cat.