Thursday, November 17, 2011

Check Out The Newest TPD Column - "Ask The Vet" With Dr. Cliff Redford....His First Post On Avoiding Raw Foods Should Wet Your Appetite For Debate!

Considering I am new to Toronto Pet Daily I thought I would start my “Ask The Vet” blog off with a bang. Lets talk about feeding your dog RAW food. Many very loving and well meaning pet owners have started down this dangerous path and I constantly have to beg them to stop. Now please don't accuse me of being in the pockets of the pet food industry because I would make way more money treating all the food related disorders these pets will develop then I ever will promoting commercial dog food and frankly almost anything is better then home made and especially RAW dog food.

Here are a summary of the concerns, well proven in hidden laboratories run by mad scientists eating meat from bovine spongiform encephalopathy cases (get it? mad scientists eating mad cow disease infected meat? I am such a nerd!).

1. Dogs and cats that eat RAW meat carry nasty germs. It is true that the pets are safe from the e. coli. and salmonella etc. that is in these meats but they all end up shedding it in their fur and saliva and it becomes a HUGE risk for their pet owners. Especially the ones with young children. Now I dont really care much about people, only pets so...

2. RAW food is usually too high in protein. This will increase the risk of aggression but more importantly increases the risk for kidney disease later on down the line.

3. RAW food is usually too high in phosphorus and/or the phosphorus to calcium ratio is out of whack. All the supplementation in the world wont help, you need commercially prepared and feeding trial tested foods. These specific imbalances greatly increase the risk for orthopedic growth abnormalities such as hip dysplasia and osteoporosis.

4. Dont tell me it is more natural and is what wolves eat. The average wolf lives 3 years...because it eats garbage food. It dies of disease and hunger and malnutrition and we never get to see what the long term consequences of these foods are. I am planning for my 3 dogs to live 15+ years, how about you?

5. Overall it is nutritionally unbalanced! Maybe the salt is too high, perhaps the calcium is too high, often the micronutrients are too low. This is where vets can make a ton of money...we let people keep feeding their pet this stuff and then eventually we are performing surgery removing bladder stones, or hospitalizing the animal for cases of pancreatitis. I would rather be busy with annual exams and never see a sick pet again.