Thursday, October 6, 2011

Toronto Cat Rescue In Need Of Traps, Crates, And Cages....Please Help This Thanksgiving Weekend

Traps and crates/cages are very much needed by Toronto Cat Rescue.  If you have some hanging around your home that you would like to see be put to good use, please contact us today to donate them: 416-538-8592.

Some brand names for traps that can be used for cats include: Tomahawk, TruCatch and Hav-A-Hart.  We currently have a shortage of kitten traps - squirrel traps can be used as well.  We use traps to rescue cats and kittens from the cold, hard streets, and to trap-neuter-release (& monitor) feral cats.

Medium sized dog crates/cages are used by TCR for our feral cat recovery homes after they have been spayed/neutered - this helps curb the feral cat population in Toronto and stops the females from having numerous litters of kittens and decreases fighting with the males.  The feral cat is spayed/neutered and then released back to their volunteer monitored colony to live out their life.

Toronto Cat Rescue: No-Kill, Non-Profit, 100% Volunteer.
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