Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Dog Friendly Cafe In Ottawa Bans Pit Bulls.....Grrrrrr

A new dog-friendly café does not allow pit bulls and that is leaving some Ottawa pet owners peeved.

Norma Dunn is set to open Sit'N'Stay Dog Café in Ottawa's Hintonburg neighbourhood at the end of October. Pet owners are allowed to bring their dogs inside when they buy some coffee or pre-packaged food.

Dunn started working on opening her business in mid-August. She has fewer rules that a normal café but said it was like a bar. If someone is drunk or rowdy they are escorted out, just as dogs who act out of line will lead to the pet and its owner told to leave.

There is one obstacle, though, facing Dunn's business: no pit bulls allowed. That declaration is now spelled out on a sign in the new restaurant's front window at 1096 Somerset Street West.

Dunn defended that rule saying the liability and cost was too high. The terms of her lease also say she would not be able to open if pit bulls were allowed and the insurance company would also opt out.

"You put a pit bull in front of a mother with two little kids and you’re going to see fear," she said.

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