Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Must Read Before You Vote In The Provincial Election

If you are an animal lover or pet owner your vote in this election has never been more important. You may have been lucky enough to not ever have had an animal issue to deal with which brought the OSPCA to your door. Consider yourself fortunate.

OSPCA and the McGuinty government do not have the welfare of the animals of Ontario on their agenda. OSPCA is mandated to protect animals from cruelty when in fact they are the ones who are cruel. In case you missed all the headlines in May 2010 they planned on killing 350 animals at the shelter in Newmarket. A leak to the press, public outrage and PC MPP Frank Klees' demands in the Legislature to stop the killing prevented them from killing all. They managed to kill 102 before they were stopped.

Once caught they claimed it was because of a ringworm outbreak. An investigation by Justice Patrick LeSage and Dr. Allan Meek (which is still posted by direction on OSPCA website found there was no outbreak of ringworm and no justification for the killing. It is rumoured they wanted to renovate the building and it was easier to renovate an empty building than one filled with animals. In fact they did renovate after that to the tune of $250,000 lowering the capacity of the shelter to 155 animals from almost 400. To date they have never had it filled with much more than a few cats, a couple of dogs and mostly mice and guinea pigs while they continue to claim they have limited resources are not funded by the government. A naive public send in donations which typically go towards such things their annual meetings at Casino Rama or how about the recent trip to Florida for a meeting by 13 OSPCA staff? That folks is how they spend donor dollars, not for the animals. The Barrie branch of OSPCA recently sent out a public plea for food and donations because they only had 22 cans of pet food. How does anyone justify keeping a government in power who lets an organization like this run amok. You can be sure their spin doctors will manage to find photo ops to make themselves look wonderful.

OSPCA tax return for 2009:

This organization has intimidated and extorted money from farmers and pet owners alike. Around May this year they settled out of court with a farmer whose animals were seized for no reason. You see what they do is seize them and either the owners pay exorbitant amounts to get their animals back or they put them in auction and sell them. Either way the money goes back to OSPCA to squander. The farmer in question should have had his animals returned but when they judge ruled OSPCA must return them, they handed the farmer a bill in the amount of $123,000 for boarding his animals. He didn't have the $123,000, never saw his animals again, lost his farm because of all the legal fees and attempted suicide. What about Rocky the beautiful 14 year old Husky dog in Etobicoke. Rocky was a little arthritic, he sometimes walked slowly, was on medication, well looked after by his vet and loved by his owner who is a school teacher. In June Rocky's owner put him in the backyard where he usually slept when she went to work. The garage door was open enough for him to get in where there was a bed and water if he wanted it. A new neighbour seeing Rocky sleeping under the tree thought he was dead and called OSPCA. OSPCA took Rocky from his own yard and killed him. At no time did they try to locate his owner but what is even worse they didn't even bother to check Rocky's microchip. If they had it would have led them to his vet.

In the meantime, Mr. McGuinty turns a blind eye to this and will not acknowledge a problem. You see his government gave OSPCA their powers. If he acknowledges their abuse of those powers then he must admit he was wrong in the first place. He will never do that so OSPCA continue their reign of terror on the animals of Ontario. There are many, many, many stories similar to these. If you care about it please do a Google search on OSPCA ringworm, OSPCA horse farmer, OSPCA cattle farmer, Dundas, OSPCA Frank Klees, OSPCA Jim Sykes, OSPCA heartworm in Ontario, OSPCA Katrina dogs, OSPCA Kevin Strooband, OSPCA Rocky.

I am pleading with all of you who love animals to please get out and vote against the Liberals to ensure the McGuinty government and their animal hating party do not get in once again. Your vote has never been so important. We can not let this happen. Tell everyone you know to get out and vote. Drive them to their polling stations if you must but please vote. Every vote against the Liberals will be a vote for our animals. Do not let them be abused any more by a government and system that don't think they are important.

If you are an animal lover you can not let this happen.

*Submitted by Lynn Perrrier, founder of RAAW (Reform Advocates for Animal Welfare)
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Anonymous said...

This is a great article and having had issues with ospca, I can relate. It's a shame however this wasn't published sooner. Hoping for a non liberal election outcome.

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