Monday, October 24, 2011

Lost Shih-Tzu/Maltese - Bean (Broadview/Queen)

BEAN” FEMALE SHIH TZU/MALTESE -  $2K  REWARD - SEARCHERS NEEDED -  PLEASE CALL SHE IS VERY LOVED!  Broadview and Queen Area  Last seen Oct.10.11 around jones/gerrard area, Toronto.   Please call with any sightings/time of day/direction she was travelling in. cell:416.859.6739 michelle sokolof   this dog ran from the scene of an accident - she has been sighted at Broadview and Dundas over to DeGrassi and Jimmie Simpson Park. then sighted and reported but not chased at Pape and Dundas on the green space beside the railroad track at Jones Street north of Gerrard, at Leslie near Riverdale Mews, running north up  Riverdale Park towards Riverdale Farm. Michelle's crew of searchers has been postering in an ever widening grid, and walking through states calling Bean's name and enticing her.  Michelle has devoted herself full-time to searching for Bean but her core of helpers is dwindling as friends and family turn their attention back to work and other obligations. "It's in gods' hands" she's been told. Meanwhile the search continues. Please post widely on Facebook - esp to Toronto Riverdale area friends.

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