Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lost And Found Pets And Adoptable Pets Will Now Be Posted On The Toronto Pet Daily

Good evening everybody, to make it easier for those looking for lost animals, and to help facilitate more adoptions, those postings will now be posted on this, the main site. The reason I have done so is due to the fact that The Toronto Pet Daily site currently gets over 1000 visits daily, where as the adoption and lost & found blogs only get a minimal viewership. The math is simple. More exposure = happier pets!!

Please keep in mind that I will keep the other blogs going for now, and will be posting the info on both respective sites, though this may change in the future. In addition, don't worry about the Toronto Lost And Found Pets Facebook page, as this will continue for those who wish to post there, though I highly recommend that you email the info to as well to maximize the exposure.

Cheers, and as always, happy pawrusing!

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