Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Letter To Steven Page - Why Are You Supporting The OSPCA?

Below is a letter I recently posted on Steven Page's Facebook wall. It seems the former singer of  The Barenaked Ladies hasn't been properly educated on the current situation at the OSPCA. I really want to believe that, because I can't see how someone I have admired for years would participate in a fundraiser for this organization without knowing the facts! Thankfully, since many are now posting their opinions on Mr. Page's Facebook page, he is now more informed, and his decision to reconsider is an easy one.
"Mr Page, as a fan of over two decades, I too would like to express my extreme disappointment with regard to your participation in the OSPCA fundraiser. As I have long admired your charitable work, I can only assume that you are not as educated as you should be on this organization. Individuals have placed links for you to read, and I sincerely hope you take the time. To put it bluntly, by participating in this event, you are supporting an organization that lies to the public, refuses to be transparent, and has demonstrated time and time again to refuse to act on behalf of needy animals. Even the Ontario legislature has recommended an external review of the organization! I really do hope that you withdraw from participating in this event, showing that you certainly have the best interest of thousands upon thousands of animal welfare activists, and more importantly the animals themselves, in your heart."
If you feel the same way, make sure to let Mr. Page know your feelings by writing on his Facebook PageWouldn't it be wonderful if Mr. Page performed at a fund raiser for a no-kill shelter?


  1. I've read pros and cons about the OSPCA and not all of them are bad . Have you read about Rocky the dog that was rescued from an apt. balcony where he was being kept and possible where he would have died?
    Here it is:

    Rocky’s Rescue

    We'd like to introduce you to a very special dog. Rocky is a shining example of the lifesaving work the Ontario SPCA performs every day to protect animals from abuse and neglect.

    Rocky's story will inspire you. Visit www.rockysrescue.ca to read Rocky's story and watch a video on his amazing recovery.

  2. Hi Ziurande thanks for the comment. Unfortunately the link didn't load, but I do know that story, and yes, it's absolutely wonderful!

    Did you know that a few months prior there was ANOTHER Rocky who's outcome wasn't that uplifting? Here's the link (I'll put the full in case it doesn't work) :


    I definitely do believe that the OSPCA does some good, the problem lies in the fact that the positive stories are fewer and farther between lately (especially since they needlessly killed over 100 animals due to ringworm, a completely treatable disease, while the negative stories are farr too common nowadays.

    The problem lies with the management and board of directors at the organization, and the recent independent review of the OSPCA states just that.

    I really do hope that with a new board, the OSPCA can one day soon better serve needy animals province wide!