Thursday, October 27, 2011

3 Cats Looking For Loving Families

VIRGIL - Dr. Virgil McGough was rescued from a veterinary clinic. Someone had dropped him off for treatment and four months later had not returned for him. I think he is about six years old. He greets everyone at the door with equal vigour, and after only a few moments of adjustment, he typically does his "flop tart" thing, hurling himself on the floor to get his belly rubbed. Virgil is not only my doorman, he is also the house peacemaker. If someone is in pain or unhappy, Virgil intercedes. If he thinks I am mistreating anyone, he eyes me suspiciously. If there are insects or people or articles of furniture causing mischief, you can be sure the good doctor will be there trying to sort it out. He has the kindest heart you can imagine. My other cats all go to him for baths and as a nap mate, and he almost always acquieses. Virgil was likely left at the clinic because his stomach is sensitive. I have kept him on ZD cat food, the most non-allergenic food available. And yet, his is the companionship I seek out at the end of my day. He is talkative, considerate, pleasant to be with. If I wanted a male companion, I would hope he had Virgil's temperament.
He comes with some food, a litter box and his own bowl. If interested, email me at, or call 647 458-4994 and leave a message.

PADRE - The Right Reverend Father Joseph (or, the Padre) is a charming, hard-working fellow. This two-year old male loves nothing better than to discuss the day’s events with you, and hums to himself as he goes about his business. Having an excellent appetite, he is not fussy about anything you offer him, and then he ensures that nothing on any other plate goes to waste. Joseph is extremely friendly and craves physical contact with all creatures.
While still a bit shy and uncertain, he overcomes his fears and works hard to be involved in community events, especially sports and games. He is still learning how to be gentle during interactive play and to understand the rules, but his actions are scrupulously kind-hearted. Recently, he has learned just how thrilling it is to be petted, so he comes for it regularly. Our household is currently downsizing, and he has graciously offered to find another flock to shepherd. Please consider taking this handsome, charming and delightfully affectionate creature into your home. He comes with toys, a litter box and his own bowl. If interested, email me at or call 647 458-4994 and leave a message.

MILLIE - Millicent is two years old. She came to me when she was great with child on the street, so she had a rough start. She is extremely shy and will not approach a person unless in extreme hunger. You must not box her in or corner her, or she will panic. Millie is very strong, despite her petite size. I once watched her take down a live squirrel, and then noticed she had a stack of neighbourhood animals on which she was demonstrating her skill for her kittens. Nevertheless, I enjoy her company. She is never in poor spirits and is patient and quiet. Millie loves lying in the sun and curling up in a chair or a corner. She hides often and prefers heights and dark corners and shelves. Our favourite moments are when she is sharing a taste of egg or some meat from my hand or a spoon. She will not let me touch her but she does indicate her appreciation of the gesture. Occasionally, she will stand on my bed’s footboard and wait for me to get up. She rarely speaks, but when she does she sings. When she is carrying a toy around the house, she announces it in song. I have watched her drag some of my lingerie downstairs to a happy tune. If you are missing anything shiny or pretty, you should probably check Millie’s hoard.
She comes with her own bowl and some stash, so she won’t be immediately tempted to steal yours. If interested, please email me at or call 647 458-4994 and leave a message.

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