Thursday, September 8, 2011

Woman Bitten By Police Dog Expected To File Lawsuit Against Peel Police This Week

TORONTO - Statistics reveal Peel Regional Police dog Wyatt was either a loaded and lethal weapon or merely a high performing canine who happened to create some collateral damage.

Either way, we may never know just how dangerous, or valuable, this German shepherd may be.

We will, however, know the exact figures in a lawsuit to be filed later this week. Sources say the claim, expected to be against the dog, handler Const. Marty Kirwan, Chief Mike Metcalf and the Peel Police Board, will be in excess of $2 million.

Although lawyer Nainesh Kotak would not confirm the number, he did confirm the action on behalf of a still suffering 21-year-old Michelle Rosales will be filed in Brampton court Friday.

Kotak had been hoping for an out of court discussion, he said, while his client previously told me she was looking more for an apology.

Rosales has said she was doing nothing more than sitting in a park with a friend and was in no way connected to robbery suspects police said they were hunting. The Sheridan College student also said the dog would not release his teeth from her ravaged arm when commanded to and that police were “rude” and slow to call an ambulance.

“I did write the board expressing an interest in sitting down but it I did not receive anything back,” said Kotak.
I guess you can’t blame the dog for not corresponding but what’s the excuse for the board not even acknowledging a wounded citizen’s concern?

Special Investigations Director Ian Scott knows the feeling of being ignored — and those who ignored him are mandated to talk with him and his investigators. Police are not a law unto themselves in Ontario. But the SIU, which investigates all serious injury and death involving police, was not notified of the June 28 incident and not later offered search history reports for Wyatt.

Peel Police, who have commenced an internal investigation, say they have complied with what is required of them.

But Scott said they, in fact, have not cooperating, forcing him to close his investigation. Read more