Monday, September 19, 2011

Rally To Overturn BSL To Take Place At Queen's Park On October 1 At 4:00

Fran Coughlin, a New Toronto real estate broker, said she once believed the negative hype surrounding the pit bull breed of dog, but that misconception was quickly dispelled when her son brought home a medium short-haired mutt named Glory. 

"'I've been duped,'" Coughlin thought to herself when she realized the pet's care had landed in her lap. Rather than being the inherently dangerous animal that could attack at any moment - she discovered her pit bull, a mish-mash of breeds described as an animal with a broad snout, muscular, short chest and short coat and long tail, to be a docile, mild-mannered and very loyal companion.

"She's the best dog I've ever owned in my life," said Coughlin.

Glory passed away five years ago at the age of 15, but it was this surprise addition to her family that inspired Coughlin to take up the pit bull's cause.

She is one of the organizers of a rally to be held Oct. 1, in support of a private member's bill by Parkdale-High Park MPP Cheri DiNovo to overturn the pit bull ban, implemented by the Dalton McGuinty government in 2005.

DiNovo said she believes the bill, which has become known as Hershey's Bill in honour of a once neglected pit bull that was rescued from a puppy mill and became a St. John's Ambulance therapy Dog, has a good chance of being repealed.

"A Liberal majority is against (the ban), the NDP and Conservatives are keen on overturning it," said the incumbent MPP, herself the owner of a British Bull Terrier.Read more