Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nutrience And The Toronto Pet Daily Join Forces To Help Ontario-Based Resources

Below are the recent press releases from Nutrience, the first promoting the company's latest support of two Ontartio rescues (details below), and the second outlining the absolutely amazing job Nutrience has done recently with regard to the dogs seized from a puppy mill in Quebec.  **PLEASE help on behalf of The Toronto Pet Daily and become a fan of the Nutrience Facebook page......together we can show these rescue organizations just how much we value the hard work they do on behalf of those sweet animals who can't speak for themselves!


Nutrience and Toronto Pet Daily Join Forces to Help Support Ontario-Based Rescues

MONTREAL (Sept 27, 2011) – Nutrience, a division of Rolf C. Hagen Inc. (Hagen), together with The Toronto Pet Daily, is proud to announce a nationwide initiative calling on all Canadian dog fans on Facebook to help support their efforts to feed pets in need.

Ugly Mutts Rescue and Loyal Rescue, two Ontario–based, non-profit organizations, will share a $10,000 food donation on behalf of Nutrience and Toronto Pet Daily once the Nutrience Facebook page www.facebook.com/nutrience reaches 12,000 fans. Participation is quite easy and quick, requiring individuals to simply visit www.facebook.com/nutrience and select the “Like” button at the top of the landing page. Once the 12,000 Fan objective is achieved, the food will be donated ($5,000 to each rescue) the very same week.

This promotion will bring the retail worth of Nutrience’s food donations to over $130,000 in just the last 4 months. This remarkable amount includes a significant donation of over $30,000 in food and supplies from Nutrience and Hagen made to the emergency shelter housing over 500 dogs that were recently seized from a commercial breeding facility near Shawville, Quebec.

Nutrience has established a network of dozens of rescues and shelters across Canada that it donates food to on a regular basis. These organizations are almost all small, non-profit and volunteer-based to ensure the food gets into the mouths of those that need it most.